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jasen222 27-Sep-2012 4:23 PM

Suggestions for best antenna in North East Ohio.
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What antenna/setup would work best in my situation?

I have a two story house with a roof mounted old unknown antenna (pic included). I would like to receive WOIO and WJW out of Cleveland, also WKBN, WFMJ, WNEO, WYFX that are all local. I would like to get as many other channels as possible for variety.

I have a tall tree in neighbor’s yard that is just on the edge of the line of site for WOIO-DT CBS and WJW –DT Fox.

I have an HD Homerun (HDHR3-US) installed in the attic, cat 6 network cable running to it, and about 5’ of quad shield Rg6 length from antenna.

So far I’m debating on, Winegard 7698 P, Winegard HD7694P, Winegard HD7084P, Winegard HD-1080, Winegrad HD8200U, or possible to get away with MS-2002.

Would it be better to install two antennas? I was debating getting another HDHR3-US so I could have one for UHF and one for VHF.

I have seen Winegard installed and know they work very well, but I’m open to any manufacture. Would a rotator help since a lot the channels are in different directions?

Any advice would be appreciated, sorry if I left anything out, this is my first post, tried to keep it to the point and enough information.

Signal analysis:

GroundUrMast 27-Sep-2012 6:27 PM

I run several HDHRs
Given your willingness to consider a second HDHR, it sounds like you may want to build a system that terminates a fixed aim antenna on one and a rotatable antenna on the second.

I would use a 2-bay UHF antenna such as the Antennas Direct DB2e facing south and slightly east (fine tune the aim using the signal metering of the HDHR). I would not use a preamp if you're only connecting one tuner using less than 50' of RG-6.

I see no low-VHF on the air or pending, so the HD7698P on a rotator would be a very good choice for going after the more distant signals. Terminate this antenna in the second HDHR.

jasen222 28-Sep-2012 3:56 PM

Thanks for the advice. That is probably what I will do, time to run more cat6.

Any suggestions for a rotator to add on the HD7698P?

GroundUrMast 28-Sep-2012 6:07 PM

None of the consumer grade options stand out. Some of the reviews suggest universal build quality issues.

For physical strength, I lean toward the NTE U-106 with the TB-105 thrust bearing to carry the wind load.

For those who can afford it, the HyGain AR-40 is a much sturdier rotator, a step up from consumer grade.

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