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John Candle 9-Feb-2011 12:43 PM

Here is how to find a installer.
. . . Here is how to find Tv antenna installers. This contact information is for ANY ONE that is looking for Tv antenna installer . . In the google search box type in --> structured wiring your city and state. If your small city does not show a listing then select a large city near you. . As an example --> structured wiring oklahoma city oklahoma. . Also can go to these web sites , , . . .And now read and understand this about , Real Digital Tv Channels , Virtual Digital Tv Channels , Analog Tv Channels. , Also read and understand this about Non Amplified indoor Tv antennas ,

tizmee 22-Aug-2011 11:55 AM

Finding a TV antenna installer
Thanks much Mr Candle, I've seen your suggestion about the structured wire and the state you are in, and have seen some possibilities. i'll start contacting them.
Many thanks for your advice.

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