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dgalatibartlett 26-Oct-2010 10:31 PM

need a dig converter box
Where can I get one of those government supplied conv boxes to use on my older tv's. ?? Free is the answer I'm hoping for.

John Candle 27-Oct-2010 12:05 AM

Tv Reception
Put an advertisment on craigs list , some one might do a swap. Or buy one at tigerdirect

GroundUrMast 27-Oct-2010 2:12 AM

As a last resort, a Google search for "dtv converter box" produces a substantial list of retailers who still have product available. There are also links to reviews and helpful information.

mtownsend 27-Oct-2010 6:50 PM

Just for completeness, the "free" converter box you are probably referring to was part of a coupon program offered by the federal government last year. The coupon would be good for up to $40 credit toward the purchase of a government approved converter box for older analog TVs (and most converter boxes happened to be priced around $40-$60). That program ended on July 31, 2009, so there are no more coupons available today.

Roughly 30% of American households (34.7 million out of 112.7 million households) took advantage of that program, redeeming approximately $1.39 billion worth of coupons.

All new TVs being sold must have a built in digital TV receiver in them and do not require a converter box, so the demand for converter boxes is going away quickly. Anyone who has recently replaced their analog TV with a new one will probably have a spare converter box lying around, which is why you might get lucky finding surplus boxes in places like craigslist or ebay.

Some retailers still carry some converter boxes (if you like the convenience of in-store purchase and returns), but they are still priced around $40-$60.

rickcain 19-Oct-2011 10:40 PM

They're pretty ubiquitous now. One problem with coupon boxes is they were intentionally limited in features. If you want more than basic stereo sound, or prefer an s-video port and/or component out, you want to spend a few more bucks on a non-CECB converter box.

I occasionally see a few converter boxes in thrift stores, $4.00 can't get much cheaper than that. I picked up a DSL modem for $1.98 and you can get handfuls of RJ-45 patch cables for 50 cents each. There's hidden gold in stuff people give away.

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