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37pro 14-Jan-2018 2:51 PM

Help Selecting Antenna (Again)
About Three years ago I posted this same question and got some very good responses, however I never got around to following through with my purchase and installation. Since I last posted some of the suggested antennas have been discontinued and would like some updated suggestions for antenna, splitter, amp, rotator.

I am on the top of a hill but there is lots of large trees. I would like to have as many channels as possible on 4 tv's. I will be installing outside on the chimney or a gable end mount about 25' from the ground. Thanks in advance, Eric

rabbit73 14-Jan-2018 8:28 PM

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Welcome back, Eric

If you still want WJLP MeTV, then you will need an antenna that covers VHF-Low, real channels 2-6.

Your signals are strong, but the report doesn't take into consideration the trees; it assumes your antenna will be in the clear. Trees block TV signals, so it is difficult to predict your reception results. If it weren't for the trees, I would suggest the Channel Master 3016/Advantage 45, but I suggest you upgrade to the 3018/Advantage 60.

I see a lot of trees in your area.

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