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turnerpd 29-Jan-2015 5:12 PM

Wbng-dt2, wnyi
WBNG is listed on my signal analysis. WBNG-DT2 isn't. It's a CW station that shows up on 12.2. WBNG which does show up is CBS and is 12.1.

Similarly WNYI is listed, but I don't get it. When I check online, Wikipedia says it no longer broadcasts over the air.

WJKP-ld shows up on my report. its number is 48.2. It broadcasts something called My 8.

WSKA-DT is listed, but actually is a repeater sending out WSKG. Both are PBS. They have 3 channels. WSKA runs on 30.3,30.4,30.5.
WSKG runs o 46.1, 46.2, and 46.3.

46.1 is WSKG-HD
46.2 is WSKG-2
46.3 is WSKG-3

I also get WQPX which you have listed as Ion 64.1.

That's correct, but I also get 64.2 which is Qubo. 64.3 which is IONLife, 64.4 which is Shop, 64.5 which is QVC, 64.6 which is HSN.

Hope this helps.

ADTech 29-Jan-2015 6:05 PM

TVFool does not identify sub-channels.

turnerpd 30-Jan-2015 3:19 PM

Question around last response
OK, no subchannels. I gave several other corrections.

Does someone actively update them?

Would you like me to go through the rest of the list, I'm sure there are other corrections?

The subchannel may not be identified, but at least WJKP-ld is on the analysis report. It is a subchannel, 48.2.

I'm probably not fully understanding the report. Sorry to be a pain, but I'm feeling like providing the info will help quite a few people. We have a large number of people who don't live where there is cable.


ADTech 30-Jan-2015 10:02 PM

WJKP-LD is more complicated. It transmits on channel 39 as a digital signal, but it's only 314 watts total and covers only very close range folks. Its owner also operates WYDC whos has elected to carry WJKP's programming via subchannel 48.2. WYDC transmits on channel 48. The owners also several other translators that carry the same sub-channels.


Does someone actively update them?

I don't know. There's stuff I submitted many moons ago that still hasn't changed. For example, KVTV in Dallas has been off VHF 11 for several years but it's still in the database.

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