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mcfl6 9-Jan-2011 12:35 AM

Combining multiple antennas
I want to combine two uhf/vhf antennas into one signal. I live in between two large cities and want to put one antenna on one side of my attic and another on the other side of the attic (pointing different directions), combine their signal into a single coax cable, and then run that cable to all the tv's in my house (through established splitters). I have done much research and am wondering if this is possible. Each antenna is an indoor uhf/vhf amplified antenna. I am curious if a diplexer or combiner is more appropriate. Also, i want to avoid "ghosting" since they may pick up the same stations. My guess is that the diplexer will work but I want to check on this.

GroundUrMast 9-Jan-2011 12:59 AM

Two options, but not what you are hoping for... You can combine one UHF antenna with one VHF antenna.

1) A passive combiner with a UHF port and a VHF port known as a UVSJ Taking this a step further, you can use a HLSJ to combine a low-band VHF antenna with a high-band VHF antenna.

2) An active combiner. Example: Dual Input Preamp

There are a variety of choices other than the examples I've offered.

A typical 2-way splitter will not provide the isolation and filtering needed to keep the two antennas from interfering with each other.

Four options to do what you are asking for:
(1) a rotator (not really what you are asking for, but functional to a degree)
(2) Conversion to MPEG-2 over IP over Ethernet - Thread 820 ($) to ($$)
(3) A complex combination of CATV commercial grade equipment ($$$$$). Custom Antenna Combiner or Single Channel Digital Signal Processor
(4) John's suggestion below.

John Candle 9-Jan-2011 7:06 AM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Also can run double the coax wiring , so will be one set of wiring for one antenna and a second set of wiring with the second antenna. And a Remote control A/B switch at each Tv location. This set up is really the best , no mixing of signals and the problems that come with it. If you were to make a post in the help with reception part of tvfool then we can help more.

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