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Miles1980 18-Dec-2009 6:43 PM

Altoona/Johnstown Dead Air on Analog
Just thought to post this about an update needed to the database for the Altoona/Johnstown market. These two channels, W41CF, and WTOO-CA are no longer in operation according to my reception results. I have called the owner of the WTOO-CA translator and have been told that it has not been operational for the better part of this decade. If anyone in this region could confirm the absense of Channel 41 analog(W41CF) we would much appritiate it. Thanks

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mtownsend 21-Dec-2009 5:02 AM

W41CF and WTOO-CA Removed From Active Database
Thanks for the update!

W41CF and WTOO-CA are no longer in the active database. The changes should take effect immediately for any new Signal Analysis or Interactive Map results generated from today onward.

If anyone knows of any reason these stations should be made active again, just let us know.

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