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stephenson 6-Sep-2018 5:12 PM

Quick antenna recommendation?
Hope this is the right sub fora ...

My tvfool report:

My assessment is I can use a very cheap attic mount, like a GE 33692 or an RCA ANT705E and I'll do well, except for the single VHF channel that I don't care about.

It doesn't seem like a large attic antenna is going to provide any additional signals out my predominate 285 degree axis ... does it?

Money isn't the issue - but, has to be in attic and was just making it easy of myself!

Thanks in advance.

rabbit73 6-Sep-2018 11:47 PM

Quick answer

Try the GE 33692 or the GE 29884

If you have an aluminum thermal barrier in your roof, an attic antenna will not work.

I have been working on a battery pack to power a small TV during a power failure:

It works with my GE 34792 indoor antenna.

Nascarken 18-Sep-2018 5:40 PM

Yes RABBIT I am sure that a usb plug will do the same thing in the cars Radio
That has a usb plug on the front face of it my Kenwood.Dpx502bt.has one I pluge!
My I paid in to it and it charges it and it puts out sound for music when I go on YouTube.
Works well better than the CD!!lol
So I think it will power up a tv all so??
Becuse All tv sets work on 12VDSC??
With the usb pluge,??? Or the pluge!!!

ADTech 18-Sep-2018 6:56 PM


... except for the single VHF channel that I don't care about.
That single VHF channel is the local FOX affiliate out of Mobile, WALA. Are you sure you can dispense with it?

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