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Wanker44@@ 14-Feb-2015 1:35 AM

Antenna direction
Good Afternoon everyone
I would like sum advise please.
I live in Vero Beach. Florida with a zip code of 23968.
I have a soilid signal xtreme HDB91X antenna and a LMN-200 pre-amp.
I viewed TV-FOOL info sheet and am still at a loss as what is the best direction for my antenna.
It will be installed of roof at around 25 feet.

Is it best pointing SOUTH towards West Palm Beach
or NORTH towards Orlando.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

Yours Sincerely

Jake V 20-Feb-2015 6:27 PM

You've posted in the wrong forum.

Post your request again in the "Help with Reception" forum below. Also, make sure to include a TV Fool Report.

See the information in these threads:

- Guidelines when asking for help
- A reliable method for generating a TV Fool Reception Report

It is necessary to have an accurate TV Fool Report as one based on the center of a zip code may or may not be accurate for you.

I'd also suggesting specifying what channels you want and where you want them from. The generic report for your zip code is not promising, but the TV Fool Report for your house might be better (you might be on the perfect hill or in a hole where you don't have a chance).

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