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sm237 3-Aug-2013 2:23 PM

About to Run Cable. Question re Existing Routing
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I'm about to install the cable. There is an existing run that the cable TV company installed. I think the run will work fine (home run type & straight forward). I'll replace the cable as I'm not sure if it's rg6, and there would be too many connections. My question is about a grounded connector they have mounted right before entry to the house. Is this necessary or recommeded? Please see pic.


GroundUrMast 3-Aug-2013 7:30 PM

I would take advantage of the system ground.

sm237 3-Aug-2013 8:25 PM

Thank you. I'll keep that grounded fitting. My concern was to keep the number of connections to a minimum, thinking that additional connections equals dB loss. I'm probably mistaken on that, and I see that the ground is a safety feature. Actually, using that grounded fitting will make the installation a little easier.


GroundUrMast 3-Aug-2013 8:37 PM

With the right equipment, you could no doubt measure a very minimal amount of loss through a grounding block. I would expect less than 0.5 dB loss... Not enough to worry about. If that was enough to cause trouble in your system, you have other problems than need to be corrected in order to ensure reliable reception.

Cheers :)

sm237 4-Aug-2013 8:25 PM

Screwed Up! Cable Carries Internet & Cable TV
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I unplugged the cable that I thought had only carried the cable TV (which I thoughtTWC had disconnected at the pole when I cancelled my subscription). In its place I connected the new cable from the OTA antenna.

So proud.... almost done with the OTA installation when my wife says, "we have no Internet"!! DUH!!! That TWC cable carried both Internet and TV signal. Again... DUH!!! I guess I thought the Internet arrived by magic!

So now what do I do? What kind of connection do I make? Do I need to run separate cables from the antenna to the (2) TV antenna inputs? I was hoping to use the existing TWC cabling.

Attached is the pic of the TWC cable running down to the grounded mount and into the house.

Thanks... and sorry for the bother!

teleview 4-Aug-2013 8:57 PM

Any type or kind of cable tv service , be it , cable tv , cable internet , cable phone , or any other type or kind of cable service , Must Be On A Separate coax.

Yes any coaxes that are in or on the house can be used for the antenna system.

However any coax that has any type or kind of active cable service Can Not Be Connected to the antenna system.

If a Separate coax needs to be run for the cable delivered service , then run a separate coax.

Do Not connect cable and antenna system on to same coax.

GroundUrMast 4-Aug-2013 9:11 PM


Presuming you have several TVs served by the cable from the ground block into the house, it's probably easiest to mount a second ground block next to the existing one. Then run a new cable from the Internet modem to the ground block that terminates the cable company drop. The other ground block would serve the antenna and TVs.

As @teleview has already said, be sure that you don't mix OTA signals and cable services on the same coax.

You may find it worth the effort to verify that all ports of the splitter(s) are terminated by a TV tuner or a termination resistor. Though the ideal situation would be to use only one splitter with just enough ports to connect the TVs in use.

sm237 5-Aug-2013 1:37 AM

Guys... Thanks for the help! The hookup is now complete (used another ground mount). The installation is clean, straight and simple as possible, and best of all, the reception is fantastic! And I also learned the internet is not carried into the house on the wings of fairies! LOL

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