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heiterman 28-Mar-2015 6:57 AM

Reno, NV Can I do better??
I am challenged by three different transmitting mountaintop locations. My issues don't appear to be distance but different directions.

226 deg at app 7 miles (important networks CW, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox)
326 deg at app 15 miles (important Fox)
356 deg at app 13 miles (important PBS, and channel 3-channel quide)

ch 17 and 32 to the south east at 10m are not important to me.

I'm using a Wineguard FV-30B that specifies a range of 30 miles. I'm picking up the vast majority of the important channels. I have not permanently mounted this antenna yet; It is just hanging from my chimney 25 feet up until I'm sure about the mounting location. I'm not using any sort of amplifiers and am only running one TV off the RG6. The run is about 65'.

To ground this per code will be a major PIA due to rock hard dirt/clay and I'm on the opposite side of the house where my panel is located. My area gets 100 mph winds so I really want to avoid a roof mount with anything much bigger then the Wineguard I am using now.

Can the pros offer any advice in which I maybe can improve my setup with possibly a larger antenna that I can place in the attic? I think I have to stay with an omidirectinal. Or if I stay with the roof mount, something that will give me more of a cushion signal strength wise. It appears I need both UHF and high VHF?

Thanks for the help,

Tower Guy 28-Mar-2015 1:07 PM

The smart tact for you is two antennas, a VHF antenna aimed at CBS, ABC, and NBC (226 degrees), plus a UHF antenna aimed at 356 degrees. Your existing antenna could be used for either VHF or UHF. Couple them with a UVSJ. If you find that you need an amp get a TVPRAMP-1R.

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