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brg88tx 10-Jan-2020 8:13 PM

Coming back to OTA
With hulu+live tv hiking their price another $10/month, i've had enough. Switching back to ota. I recently moved and just wondering if i'm still good with my old rca ant751 at my new house. Here is a link of my reception. Thanks

GroundUrMast 10-Jan-2020 9:30 PM

In an effort to get a more complete idea of what signals will be like with the completed repack I ran a rabbitears report for you (based on an estimate of your location)

It looks as if you should expect to have little difficulty with OTA reception. You might be successful with an indoor antenna but home construction may interfere. I'd opt for an all channel antenna such as the Channel Master CM-2018 mounted on a roof or wall with a clear view towards the west. (243 degrees magnetic)

Tower Guy 11-Jan-2020 3:50 PM

The ANT-751 has enough gain for the Houston stations unless it’s installed in a poor location. However, there are some Beaumont stations that are receivable with a bidirectional UHF antenna on the roof or in a favorable attic location. The Antennas Direct 2MAX should get UHF from both Beaumont and Houston, but might not get the VHF stations from Houston. (KHOU, KUHT, and KTRK). If the VHF reception isn’t perfect, couple your existing ANT-751 to the 2MAX using a UVSJ splitter/joiner.

Note that many of these stations are running low power while there is antenna work on their towers.

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