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clwflagirl 15-Oct-2011 3:46 AM

Channel 10 Tampa Bay
The last two weeks Channel 10 Tampa Bay moved there transmitter to the other side of Tampa. Because of this I can not get Channel 10 at all. I live in Palm Harbor. My brother who lives in Clearwater can not get them either. We both have Amplified Indoor Antenna, his is in the attic and mine is in the family room which faces east. I have an TV in my bedroom that can get them and it has the same antenna as the family room does. The thing is I have not rescaned my TV in my bedroom but in the family room I did. I do not know what kind of antenna to get. I know that I can not have on that go outside of the house because of deed restrictions. Since that information that you have in the computer is wrong (4.8 miles from my house), I do not know what to do. Can you please fix it? I really need help.

MisterMe 17-Oct-2011 3:05 AM


Originally Posted by clwflagirl (Post 12911)
... I do not know what to do. Can you please fix it? I really need help.

You need to do what everyone else does:
  1. Repost your request in the Help With Reception area of this forum.
  2. Include a link to your TV Fool radar plot with your exact address.
  3. State the type of building that you reside in such as a single family dwelling, multistory apartment building, trailer, etc.
  4. Make a note of the fact that WTSP has changed its transmitter site from the one in TV Fool's database.

dhett 21-Oct-2011 7:16 AM

You might be too close to the tower to be using an amplified antenna. If so, it would overload, meaning no signal. You might want to try it without the amplifier.

I get TV signals from 35-40 miles away using a $10 set of rabbit ears.

Palm Harbor and Clearwater do have dead spots - you might want to check the signal maps at RabbitEars ( Zoom in to your location and see if you're in one of those dead spots. I'd refer you here to TV Fool, but they still show the old location; RabbitEars has the new.

The federal government prohibits deed restrictions that don't allow you to receive TV signals (see OTARD -, so you are able to use an outdoor antenna.

manorfan 22-Oct-2011 5:27 PM

I also posted regarding this...


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