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dsmguy7 18-Feb-2018 3:23 AM

Antenna advice to help Grandparents
Hello, all. I'm finally getting around to helping my Grandparents cut the cord. They are getting older and needing to cut back on expenses. They currently have Direct TV and one TV set. They want at least one more TV set and possibly another one day.

They want as many channels as reasonably possible. There is RG6 already ran from the satellite dish to the living room. I can use that or run new cable. The house is older and attic access will be difficult, but they are allowing me to run whatever is needed and aren't really concerned with appearance. Here is their report at 25 ft. I can do more at 15-20 ft. if needed. Thanks.

rabbit73 18-Feb-2018 2:43 PM

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Hello, dsmguy7

I suggest the Winegard HD7694P aimed at 80 degrees magnetic.

WXXV seems to be missing from the TVFool report, but it shows up on a report:

WXXV will be moving from real channel 48 to real channel 25 because of UHF Repack:

That would be an alternate direction. It might be possible to get both directions with an Antennas Direct CS2MAX (it is bi-directional without a reflector), but it is more iffy than my first suggestion.

dsmguy7 19-Feb-2018 8:55 PM

Thank you, rabbit73. I will give that a shot. Was there much difference in heights?

rabbit73 19-Feb-2018 11:56 PM

I used 25 feet for the RabbitEars report; the same as the TVFool report. If you inspect the link for the report, you will see the antenna height at the end of the link. I used the same short coordinates for the report because I don't know the exact coordinates for their antenna. This is the link to the RabbitEars report. It takes a LONG time to load when the signal strengths are requested.

The azimuth diagram at the bottom of the report uses virtual channel numbers; a TVFool report uses real channel numbers.

A RabbitEars report doesn't always agree with the TVFool report on signal strength, even at the same antenna height, but both list signal strength (actually, signal power since it is dB) in decreasing order.

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