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rabbit73 7-Jun-2016 3:28 PM

Question about Membership Approval

Originally Posted by bobsgarage

In the link above I see that somebody is at least correcting some of the database stuff, so that means somebody must still be working there at TV fool. Do you know who to contact there.

Is it possible to contact somebody through the database update heart to find out why members aren't getting approved?

Thanks, Bob


Originally Posted by bobsgarage
About the database forum. Could you please post a question there about membership approval? At least someone will read it. Maybe different administrators can contact the ones who are responsible for approval?

Thanks, Bob

I'll try, but I doubt that it will do much good. A lot of new members have been waiting a loooong time to be able to post.

ADTech 7-Jun-2016 4:53 PM

As far as I know, there's only one administrator, Andy. Neither of the past moderators, Tom or Mark, appear to have been around recently.

I found it interesting that the update tripelo requested was actually made, perhaps it was an automated update from the original FCC data base. I've submitted change or update requests over the last several years, the recent ones of which have not been done. Updates for San Diego, for example haven't been done and its been three years since the analogs were all switched off. New York City still has the wrong location for a number of the stations.

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