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markandegla 7-Jun-2017 7:03 PM

Antenna recommendation for western Pennsylvania
My son just bought a home that has an antenna tower without an antenna. He currently has cable TV/Internet service, but would like to unbundle his TV and keep his internet service. The tower is next to the southwestern side of his house and appears to reach around 25'+ above ground. I've only seen it from Google's street view. He would be quite satisfied to receive the four major networks.

This is the report ->

Thank you for your time and assistance in recommending a solution.

JoeAZ 7-Jun-2017 8:01 PM

Needing lots more information from you. How close are trees? Are you in
a valley or on a hill?? How many tv's do you plan to connect? What is your budget??? How far away will the Tv's be from the antenna?? Are you handy?

markandegla 7-Jun-2017 9:58 PM

Hi Joe. Thanks for interacting.

There is a tall tree about 20' away from the tower on the northern side of the house.

The location is not in a valley. It is near the top of a hill.

He will connect one television by roughly 50' of cable.

His budget is sub $100 range.

I am rather handy, but I live in Texas. He is young and not as experienced. Although, he does try to do homeowner maintenance an DIY projects.

JoeAZ 8-Jun-2017 12:06 AM

In the near future, WQED PBS Pittsburgh will move to Rf 2 from
Rf 13. That will require an antenna capable of receiving Rf 2-51,
eventually 2-36. The Channel Master 3016 is compact and durable
and reasonably powerful.
I'd use RG6 cable and keep it under 50 feet. Be sure to ground the system.
I'd start aiming, due South and do scans. You should be able to get some
channels from both Pittsburgh and Johnstown/Altoona. By tweaking the
antenna more southwest you'll gain some Pittsburgh and lose some from
Johnstown/Altoona and vice versa. You could go with a much more
powerful antenna, Winegard HD8200U but that would destroy the budget.

markandegla 8-Jun-2017 1:30 AM

That's great information, Joe. Thanks so much for your recommendations. We really appreciate that you set aside time to help and share your knowledge.

JoeAZ 8-Jun-2017 9:51 PM

Not sure if this antenna is still available but at the price,
it is a very good bargain....

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