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Shameless antenna companies

bobsgarage 15-Nov-2016 3:05 PM

In defense of Antenna company employees
Why is this post here? WIRELESS ENGINEER wrote a post about antenna company employees "shamelessly promoting their products". He has since deleted the text of his post. I answered it, while the text was still in the post:

I don't think that's the case. I have found that the ones that work for the antenna companies (at least AD) offers lots of help and never tries to sell anything. He can say what his company offers but leaves the decision to the poster.

I wish not to argue but just express my opinion.

Winegard offers nothing here as far as advice, they are missing a great marketing opportunity. Same with the new Chinese Channelmaster. They offer no help here.

To be honest, I have sent e-mails to Winegard and if there is more than one question, they have to consult someone which is OK but they usually only answer one or two questions and conveniently avoid the really pointed ones.

Case in point. I asked in an e-mail why don't they modernize the 769x series? That antenna was obsolete the month it was released. They asked "Why?" I said that "no channels over 51 are available anyhow". They said "there are no plans to redesign any of our antennas, thank you for you inquiry". I guess that's the way business is done.

I had asked them about antenna spacing they said "at least 3 feet" when asked boom to boom they said element to element. Any how, I finally found out they meant Relector to reflector. Top of the bottom reflector to the bottom of the top antenna reflector should be at least 3 feet.

It took 4 e-mails to get it done.

They should have an employee come to these forums and offer general advice, but I don't see that.

eggman531916 3-Dec-2016 10:53 PM

You are correct. ADTech offers alot of GOOD advice. I may not comment too often, but I read through the forums alot. The other companies are missing a great opportunity, so long as they take a stance like he does and don't try to be biased towards their own products. I normally will take into consideration anyone's advice until: A. I no longer need it (for whatever reason), or B. They try to sell me something.

bobsgarage 4-Dec-2016 7:45 PM

For the most part I am a "lurker" just hanging out and reading the advice given here but some really great people.

I can only offer help if I know something to be true or not, but I feel I owe it to the forum here to participate. Also it is important to understand any bickering or slamming can be read by all, so I don't get involved in that, I just felt the criticism on the opening post of this thread was unwarranted.

I ended up buying an AD XG91 not because of AD tech, but because of what others here and elsewhere have said. I have private messaged him and others about technical matters.

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