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nkirkley 26-Jul-2015 5:14 PM

Windows 10 & Windows Media Center
Hello all! It is my understanding that the new version of Windows (Windows 10) will not be using Windows Media Center. To me, this is extremely important as I use that as a DVR and for watching certain programs with the intent to stop, pause, or rewind programing. Just curious if anyone else is aware of this and what a solution to this pending problem will be?

ADTech 26-Jul-2015 6:45 PM


what a solution to this pending problem will be?
The solution is... Do not use Windows 10, stay with Win 8.x/7 until such a time as a suitable alternative to WMC that meets your particular needs is identified and proven.

A simple Google search should show number of suitable candidates for your consideration.

rickbb 27-Jul-2015 2:16 PM

It's my understanding that Win10 will be like Win8, WMC will be an extra that you have to pay for. Adding it to my Win8 laptop cost $99 in the MS "store". It was included for free in Win7, if you have that stick with it.

I'm looking around for something different myself. MS just changed providers for their online program guide and I lost information for almost 20 channels. Not good.

I have manually added them back to the listing, but the guide will not download any program data for them. Not good at all.

ADTech 27-Jul-2015 6:16 PM

WMC is incompatible with Win10 and there is no port for it to be added as an option as there was for Win8. If it's already installed and the system is upgraded to Win10, WMC will be uninstalled.

Bottom line: WMC will NOT run on a Win10 system and MS has made pretty clear they aren't going to make it so.

rickbb 30-Jul-2015 2:44 PM

MS has finally come out and stated that anyone who upgrades to Win 10 with automatically have WMC removed. (It was included in the tech preview releases, but removed at the last minute for the general release.)

They claim that not enough people were using it and they were losing money on the licensing fees they had to pay for certain content.

Even if you paid the $100 to add it to your Win 8 machine you will lose it if you upgrade to 10.

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