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Johnnie 2-Jan-2014 1:26 AM

Can you, or can you not use a samsung SIR-ts360 for OTA reception?
...Hope this thread is in the right section...I have had one since I bought it new in 2004 and used it with my Directv account. I ditched Directv about 4 years ago, and this sammy been sitting on a basement shelf since. reading some posts on other forums, ( ( apparently some are having success using these as an OTA receiver. I have followed their instructions and get NOTHING. With or without my access card. it says Booting, goes through its sequence then says Booting Failed. Thats it! nothing more. Can you or can you not use these for OTA reception WITHOUT a Directv subscription? Access card or no access card.

teleview 2-Jan-2014 2:10 AM

Even if you can get it to receive with the built in OTA Digital Broadcast Tuner.

Early/Older OTA Digital Broadcast Tv tuners do not a good job of receiving OTA Digital Broadcast Tv transmissions.

Walmart and other online sellers have NEW Basic Digital Broadcast Converter Boxes that have New Updated Tuners that convert the Digital signal to 480i for the old Analog Tv's.

And these New converter boxes are Not old new stock.

For a little more then $25.00.


Here are some New Digital Broadcast Receiver/Recorders that do a Lot More.


Channel Master has Digital Tuner Boxes.


And the price of New Digital Flat Screen Tv's have dropped down to low prices.

Johnnie 3-Jan-2014 3:58 AM

I understand old is old. I do not function as well as my 19 year old son either, but I do get the job done. I have had probably a half dozen of those cheap 30 dollar boxes from Walmart. They do not seem to last very well. But since I have this Samsung receiver, I was thinking more along the lines of the HDMI hookups, Dolby digital optical, RGB and S video hook ups it provides, among other things, that most 30 dollar boxes do not have...not to mention a great remote that can control EVERYTHING and is comfy in my hand. One box I had was the Ematic, it did have HDMI. Our main viewing TV is a Samsung HD digital , but other TVs in the house are just old enough they do not have the digital tuner, but we do have surround sound systems, gaming systems, DvDs and etc. I am thinking about getting a PHD-205LE from ep vision for around 130.00, maybe a Prime phd-208? I was just recently turned on to these units, I happened to see a Channelmaster online and thought this looked to be more of a professional long lasting full of options receiver, but reviews pretty much junked it. Any suggestions?

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