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ThoraX695 14-Apr-2012 8:02 PM

WKOI - TV Fool Using STA
WKOI has three entries in the FCC database:
  1. 500 kW ERP, 277m HAAT (old configuration)
  2. 60 kW ERP, 266 HAAT (STA)
  3. 600 kW ERP, 296m HAAT (new configuration)
WKOI had some tower work done a few months ago that removed their analog antenna and moved their digital antenna higher on their transmission tower. (This also included a power increase.) During this period, they had an STA to broadcast at a lower power and lower position on their tower for the duration of this work. WKOI has completed their work, so they're now on the third entry (600 kW ERP, 296 HAAT). TV Fool for both the current and pending thinks that WKOI is using their STA.

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