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jjcb 3-Sep-2011 11:07 PM

Ottawa/Gatineau digital transmitters
I've been monitoring the 1st Sept. transition for all 14 local transmitters (there were 15 until Sun TV went off the air here last days of August).
All but one, French language station Canal V, are now transmitting digital only. Those who had not gone digital by midnight on 31 Aug. turned to snow in the first minutes of Sept. I notice that the CHCH relay transmitter here (channel 11) is only in 480i, but it's still digital. The 12 others are beaming a 1080i signal. Can anyone tell me why the black sheep (Canal V) is not conforming to CRTC regs?

redone 4-Sep-2011 3:46 AM

CBET in windsor is digital
CBET Windsor Canada is broadcasting digital on RF channel 9 (9-1)

canant 4-Sep-2011 5:51 AM

The digital transition to the Vancouver/Victoria, BC area is complete:

The following channels are on-air in digital:

43 CBUT-DT (2.1) [CBC]
49 CHEK-DT (6.1) [Ind]
22 CHAN-DT (8.1) [Global]
33 CKVU-DT (10.1) [City]
17 CIVI-DT-2 (17.1) [CTV 2]
26 CBUFT-DT (26.1) [SRC]
32 CIVT-DT (23.1) [CTV]
20 CHMT-DT (42.1) [Omni]
47 CHNU-DT (66.1) [Ind]
21 CHNU-DT-1 (21.1) [Ind]
23 CIVI-DT (?.1) [CTV 2]
27 CKVU-DT-2 (?.1) [City]
29 CHNM-DT-1 (29.1) [Omni]

The following analog transmitters have shut down:
17 CIVI-TV-2
21 CHNU-TV-1
29 CHNM-TV-1

Note: 6 CHEK-TV (analog) was supposed to shut down and did initially on August 31, 2011, but has come back on-air temporarily.

yvesb 4-Sep-2011 2:05 PM

OTA transmitting changes in Montréal region
Missing infoAnalog transmitters shut down
CBFT channel 2
CBMT channel 6
CFTM channel 10
CFCF channel 12
CIVM channel l7
CFJP channel 35
CKMI channel 46
CJNT channel 62

Digital channels:
CBFT-DT virt:2,1 real:19 network name:SRC
CBMT-DT virt:6.1 real 21 netwok name:CBC
CFTM-DT,virt:10.1 real:10 network name: TVA
CFCF-DT,virt:12.1 real:12 network name: CFCF
CIVM-DT, virt:17.1 real:26 network name: T.Q.
CFJP-DT, virt:35.1 real:35 network name: V
CKMI-DT virt: 15.1 real:15 network name: Global MTL
CJNT-DT virt: 62.1 real:49 network name: 14 metro

redone 4-Sep-2011 5:42 PM

Windsor Updates
CBEFT-TV-35 has switched from channel 54 to channel 35 (analog)

Channel 32 CICO-DT-32 (32-1) (digital)

channel 9 CBET-DT-9 (9-1) (digital)

Lazybones 6-Sep-2011 8:39 PM

I see some links to Wikipida for some specific sites, however it looks like they have a very up to date and accurate table of there own

draftdodger 8-Sep-2011 1:26 AM

CBET in Windsor

I haven't been able to pick up CBET Windsor since the transition. I've been rescanning twice a day. The channel display reads 9-1 but I see only a snowy screen in b/w. It behaves as though it's not broadcasting. I'm near Ann Arbor, MI on high ground. When the conditions are favorable I receive Global ch 22-1 and occasionally some Cleveland area stations. Regularly received stations are most of Detroit, most of Toledo, CBS Lansing, PBS Flint and TVO Windsor. Has anybody got an idea why I'm not receiving CBET? Any info/tips will be greatly appreciated. I'm very grateful to be receiving TVO!

draftdodger 8-Sep-2011 4:58 AM

CBET Windsor 9.1
NOW I'm receiving CBET 9.1 from Windsor. I don't know what I did or why it took so long, and it was before anybody gave any suggestions. I hope those in its viewing range are receiving it as well as I am. Take care.

TOTVBuff 16-Sep-2011 3:28 AM

CBC has turned off its analog signals in Toronto. CBLFT is now broadcasting on 25.1 and CBLT remains on 20.1 virtual channel 5.

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