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Dan4328 19-Feb-2013 12:53 AM

Save money- make a TV transmitter for $35 if not FREE
This thing is something I've done for the past few years with a VCR just so I could transmit one or two converter boxes around my entire house, instead of needing to pay more money on splitters, amplifiers, and a higher quality antenna:
An artificial TV transmitter via an amplifier (will require pre amp still), $5 rabbit ears (or two), and a VCR/converter box TV out

I would recommend this for houses that have between 1-3 people.

I used to transmit two converter boxes onto channels 3 and 4 until I just switched them all to one once I found out that the range was affected due to adjacent channeling. I use two 20dB amplifier/preamp combos (EAN-3000) and I can transmit channel three from a rabbit ears antenna in my attic to four houses that nearest to mine (totaling about 400 feet with color, 500 with sound-in one way)

It gives a new reason for you to not yet trash those analog TVs.

-Transmit on channel 3/4 for more viewing range than if it were UHF,
-Can view same stations in multiple rooms
-Transmits to areas that cables simply can't
-Can be used even if you do pay for cable (and you won't pay as much for different receivers)

-NTSC transmitter, won't give full 1080p signal
-Every TV will need a rabbit ears or some form of small antenna
-Lower quality since it is an analog transmitter
-Remote range might not cover an entire big house
-Adjacent channeling will cut reception up to 50% if not more

GroundUrMast 19-Feb-2013 1:55 AM

Another possible 'con': The FCC may say you're violating some rule... It would be prudent to investigate the legalities.

ADTech 19-Feb-2013 2:22 PM

Oh, it's ABSOLUTELY against the law....

Unless you're operating a compliant white-space device transmitter, transmitting anything into licensed spectrum is strictly forbidden.

Dan4328 24-Feb-2013 1:33 AM

Sorry for the delayed response, I couldn't find the topic since it was moved. I've lowered the power so it only goes within my house.

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