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oxfordbrent 24-Mar-2017 8:36 PM

Antenna for Western NC mountains
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My current antenna seems to have quit working with a recent storm that hit my area. It's a Lava HD2605 which I don't think worked very well to begin with. I was only able to pick up NBC 4.1 and 4.2 in my area if I pointed it in the right direction. I live in a Valley and am surrounded by several trees and hills, although there is pasture not far beyond some of the trees around me. I have a 30 foot tower that was already installed which I bought the house, but it's installed at the bottom of a hill and the trees around most of it are higher. Looking for recommendations of what I could try in replacing the Lava antenna. Thanks!

ADTech 24-Mar-2017 9:00 PM

It's not too often I say this, but sometimes calling a satellite company might be your best choice.

GroundUrMast 24-Mar-2017 9:06 PM

You're in a unique location... Only two of the available signals are broadcast on UHF frequencies. The Lava, when or if it ever works, is not designed to receive the VHF signals that you have in your area.

Successful reception in your situation will depend on getting a full sized All-Channel antenna mounted above the trees. I suspect you'll need more than a 30' tower to do that. Also, the signals come from many directions, so you would need to weigh the pros and cons of a rotator or multiple antennas.

oxfordbrent 24-Mar-2017 9:23 PM

Thanks for the info!

rabbit73 25-Mar-2017 1:36 AM

The Lava HD2605 is designed to receive UHF and VHF, but it has only one element for VHF-High, real channels 7-13. It contains a high gain amplifier that tries to compensate for the poor performance of the antenna elements.

If you received virtual channel 4.1, it could be from one of the WYFF translators. The main WYFF transmitter is too weak at your location.

If you can get an antenna or two high enough, you have a chance to receive a few networks. This shows some that are listed on your report:
*W10AL, 10, 4.1, NBC, Movies, NM 41.5 dB, "WYFF 4" 346 deg true/356 magnetic
W02AF, 2, 4,1, NBC, Movies "WYFF 4" 125
W03AK, 3, 4.1, NBC, Movies "WYFF 4" 247
*W08AT, 8, 7.1, CBS, Me-TV, ION, NM 20.2 dB, "WSPA 7" 349/355
**W31DH, 31, 33.1, PBS, NM 7.5 dB, 194/200
W06AJ, NBC, Movies
**W44CX, 44, 21.1, Fox, NM 6.9 dB, "WHNS 21" 193/199
WLOS, 13, 13.1, ABC, MyN, AntennaTV, NM -7.1 dB, 89/95

If you want to make some inexpensive tests, try an MCM 30-2475 or 30-2476 (a little more gain but aim is more critical) VHF antenna aimed at 355 degrees magnetic and add an RCA TVPRAMP1R preamp for:

W10AL, 10, 4.1, NBC, Movies, NM 41.5 dB, "WYFF 4" 346 deg true/356 magnetic
W08AT, 8, 7.1, CBS, Me-TV, ION, NM 20.2 dB, "WSPA 7" 349/355

If that gives you good results, next add an Antennas Direct DB4E UHF antenna aimed at 199 degrees magnetic for:
W31DH, 31, 33.1, PBS, NM 7.5 dB, 194/200
W44CX, 44, 21.1, Fox, NM 6.9 dB, "WHNS 21" 193/199

Connect the VHF antenna to the VHF input of the preamp and connect the UHF antenna to the UHF input of the preamp. Set the combined/separate switch to separate.

It that works, swing the VHF antenna to 95 degrees magnetic as a test to see if you can receive the very weak ABC WLOS.

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