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Ignorunt 28-Apr-2012 8:59 PM

Status corrections for Moncton, NB
CKCW-DT has been operational since September 8, 2011 according to this page:

CBAFT transitioned to digital on September 1, 2011 according to this wikipedia page (french):

I can confirm that CKCW-DT, CBAFT-DT, and CIHF-DT are all currently operational in Moncton. The analog CBAFT and CKCW-TV are no longer operational.

Dave Loudin 30-Apr-2012 2:54 PM

A general note for our Canadian friends - these updates are essential in getting the TVFool database correct. Industry Canada's method of updating station status in its database does not support "near-real-time" reporting, like what this site would need. The best way in the interim to be sure you see all the digital operations is to use the "include pending applications" option in your report.

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