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MrP 25-Apr-2012 1:11 AM

Will I be able to pick up NYC networks?
Hi, like most people am looking to fire my satellite provider. I'd like to be able to receive WNYW (Fox) out of New York City. WCBS, WNBC and WABC would be a nice bonus if possible. My signal analysis shows most channels to be in the gray "very weak" area for me. Do I stand a snowballs chance at getting these 4channels?

Also, if it is possible, what antenna and preamp would you recommend? HELP!! I'm so tired of getting raped by the satellite provider. Thank you!

Here's my signal analysis.

Electron 25-Apr-2012 4:52 AM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
Here are your locals , WNJJ 41 is silent , W42CX 42 is ?? , WNJB 8 is PBS , WTBY 27 is Trinity Broadcasting Network , WRNN 48 is infomercials , WBQM 50 is Religion , WMBC 18 is Ethnic programing. . THIS is what can be received with 35 feet antenna height with a Winegard HD7698P antenna and a Winegard AP8700 preamp aimed at about 165 degree magnetic compass. W42CX channel 42 ?? , WNJB channel 8 PBS , WMBQ channel 50 Religion , WMBC channel 18 Ethnic , WABC channel 7 ABC. If you will like to go after , WNYW , WCBS , WNBC , that are Very Weak then make 2 more tvfool radar plots , 60 feet , 100 feet , antenna heights.

Electron 25-Apr-2012 9:09 AM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
Here is how to aim antennas ,

Dave Loudin 25-Apr-2012 10:10 AM

Do yourself a favor. Click on WNBC in the table of your report to get the path profile between the transmitter (on the left) and you (on the right). You will see how shadowed you are from the NYC stations. I doubt that you can ever achieve reliable reception of the UHF stations from there.

OberGeiss 25-Apr-2012 12:17 PM

I know Wantage a bit (lovely part of the State for sure). There is some good elevation in parts of the Township. I think it's worth a chance to experiment a bit if you happen to be located in or about one of the ridges out there....perhaps using a reclaimed antenna and an HD tuner......depending upon your altitude and what you learn messing about, you can gauge your further investment from there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained......

Dave Loudin 25-Apr-2012 5:04 PM

@OberGeiss, one of the key advantages of the predictions at this site is the accounting for terrain. You don't have to wonder too much about how shadowed you are from tranmitting sites. Check out @MrP's plight for yourself by getting a depiction of the path from the Empire State Building antenna farm (WNBC as an example) to his location

In addition, due to the shadowing, the predicted noise margin for WNYW at his location is -26 dB. This means that the signal in the air is predicted to be that far below what is needed to get a lock. There is no practical antenna system (pre-amps don't count at this point) that can overcome that deficit.

There may be locations nearby that are not so shadowed, which is why it is very important to run predictions for the exact receive site. In this case, there is no way to get reliable reception of UHF signals from NYC.

OberGeiss 25-Apr-2012 5:50 PM

Thanks for clarifying....hope Mr. P has a good neighbor who's not shadowed...still, Wantage a pretty good distance from NYC transmitters in any event.....

MrP 25-Apr-2012 11:15 PM

Thanks for the help but
I'm pretty sure I'm dead meat! I used the Google Earth tool to look at the signals strength in my neighborhood. About 500 feet from my location (at the crest of a slight ridge) the very signals that I want are there. They are weak but at least they are there. At my location however, not much. So unless there's some super duper antenna out there, I'd say it's game over for me.

I do have one other question though. I'm under the impression (from my limited research) that occasionally TV transmitters are moved to move favorable locations. Based on that, what are the chances of some of these transmitters might eventually end up on the Freedom Tower? I mean that is, if they ever get the damned thing built.

Once again thanks to you all. It's been an education.

OberGeiss 26-Apr-2012 12:21 AM

Yet another part of due diligence when acquiring a home these days......checking the TVFool Signal Analysis!

So close yet so far...just 500 feet!!!!!

Look at Beta for the moment but could be an option if you have broadband.


Dave Loudin 26-Apr-2012 11:12 AM

@MrP, I believe the plan is still to have most stations on the ESB to move to the Freedom Tower. However, I don't think that will help you, based on the path profile.

In general, it's hard and very expensive to move the transmitter site to a "more favorable" location. Besides, more favorable for you does not mean more favorable for all.

Electron 26-Apr-2012 5:26 PM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
There Will Be a location in your part of the state that Tv transmitters can be installed that Will Service Many people. Like you I can find a high place on Google maps that Tv transmitters can be installed that services a Very Large area. Like me you will find information on the Freedom Tower and the transmitters and you can contact the networks and tell them to put Tv transmitters on the tower. And you can also contact the networks and tell them your part of the state has no receivable signals and install some transmitters out your way. The stations/channels that I listed can be received at your location. And like you say it is interesting to go to the >>Start MAPS<< part of tvfool and move the pointer around and change the antenna height and see what can be received at different locations. Get the Tv stations signals into the , green , yellow , red , reception zones.

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