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DaveBB 19-Dec-2011 3:30 AM

Need Help Buying the Right Antenna. Which is Best?

I'm canceling my directv because it just costs to much for what I get from them. I have a 35' tower on top of the hill behind my house with an old beat up antenna on it. I have a rotor on the tower and a new AntennaCraft 10g-202 Pre-amplifier since I have to run 150' of RG-6 to connect the antenna to my house I do have trees around my tower so I don't have alot of clearance for a huge antenna to rotate. I've looked around the web and am still trying to find an appropriate antenna for my needs. Since I live out in the middle of the country with signals coming from several directions all well over 50 miles away. I have come across the HD Stacker antenna from Dennys as I've seen several posts on here about it and others. I'm hoping someone on here can help figure out if this Stacker antenna will work for me or not. Any help would be appreciated. Here's my TV Fool signal analysis report.

Thanks Dave

Electron 19-Dec-2011 3:37 AM

Tv Reception with Tv antennas
The link to the tvfool radar report is not working.

DaveBB 19-Dec-2011 3:48 AM

Thanks Electron put a new link in post above

Electron 19-Dec-2011 4:35 AM

Tv Reception with Tv antennas
It looks like some station information at tvfool is not correct , PBS and some other stations do not seem quite right when I check it to other web sites. If you will PM me with your exact address , I can get better answers.

Dave Loudin 19-Dec-2011 3:19 PM

No need to keep this out of view...

Dave, try this option to generate your TVFool report. Ensure that the red icon is actually pointed to your location in the map you get back. It's a Google map, so you can zoom in as required and drag the icon to the right place. Adjust the height of the expected antenna mounting location, then click the "Make Radar Plot" to generate the report. Share that URL with us.

Based on the report you shared with us, your closest CBS affiliate transmits on channel 4 in the low-VHF band. The HD Stacker is not designed for that band, so it will not be the best choice for you.

DaveBB 19-Dec-2011 7:10 PM

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the input. I have did as you said and centered in on where my antenna is located and at what height. Below is a link to the TV Fool report on this location. Thanks for your help.

Electron 20-Dec-2011 1:23 AM

Tv Reception with Tv antennas
This recommendation is based on tvfools current and Pending Applications Included.

These digital stations channels are Very Weak.
For dependable and reliable reception of , KFXB-DT 43 religion tv , KCRG-TV 9 ABC and digital sub channel , KWWL 7 NBC and digital sub channels , , KGAN 51 CBS and digital sub channel The Cool TV , KRIN-DT 35 PBS .

Install a Winegard HD7698P antenna with a Winegard AP8700 preamp , above the roof and aim the HD7698P antenna at about 255 degree magnetic compass.

Here are some antenna mounts , , , . Buy the ronard antenna mounts at solidsignal by typing the word ronard in the solidsignal search box or buy from ronard.

Here are places to buy antennas and etc. , , , , ,

Electron 20-Dec-2011 1:35 AM

Tv Reception with Tv antennas
If you will like to receive , WHBF-TV 4 CBS and sub channel . Install a Winegard YA6260 low band antenna with a Winegard AP3700 preamp , above the roof aimed at about 188 degree magnetic compass.

The two antennas there preamplifiers will be 2 separate systems and no part of the 2 separate systems will be connected together. Do Not connect to gether on to one coax.

A coax from each antenna and preamp will go to the location of the the tv and will be connected to a , , part #: 32-4425 or , part #: 15-1968 , remote control A/B antenna switch and the output of the AB switch will be connected to the tv.

DaveBB 20-Dec-2011 2:11 AM

Thanks for your replies I really appreciate it. I plan on putting the antenna on the existing 35' tower I have on top of the hill behind my house. I have a new rotor and Pre-amp. Are there any antennas that will do the work of drawing in the signals or do I really need to have 2 antennas on top of the tower? I can live without receiving WHBF-TV 4 CBS. I would like to receive the channels from Madison, WI. WISC 50, WMTV 19, WKOW 26, WMSN 49, WBUW 32. These are the closest channels to me for up to date weather and news.
Is this possible does anyone think?
Thanks Dave

GroundUrMast 20-Dec-2011 2:19 AM

Based on predicted signal strength, you might see WKOW using an Antennas Direct XG91 or a Winegard HD9032. A taller tower will be needed for the rest of the Madison stations.

Electron 20-Dec-2011 3:14 AM

Tv Reception with Tv antennas
No it is not a requirement to receive WHBF 4 CBS and RTV. For reception of the Madison stations , use the HD7698P antenna as a test antenna.

Dave Loudin 20-Dec-2011 10:22 PM

Ultimately, this gets down to whether to believe the mild terrain blockage predicted for Madison. The XG-91 (or, maybe, even a stack of two of them) is your best bet for those stations. If they don't work, only one of the stations from Cedar Rapids is in the UHF band, so that is capability gone to waste. Going for the HD7698P antenna is a risk reduction. If it doesn't work for Madison, you can swing it towards Cedar Rapids and get everything but the NBC station. You can choose to add a low-VHF antenna later and combine it with the 7698 using a HLSJ combiner.

Electron 21-Dec-2011 5:40 AM

Tv Reception with Tv antennas
Thats some tricky wording. My eyes are crossed. As stated in my detailed post of the stations to be received by the HD7698P antenna in the direction of the Cedar Rapids Area Stations , ( I count 3 UHF Stations and 2 VHF high band stations) ( so nothing has gone to waste). , the HD7698P antenna receives the VHF high channels of 7 thru 13 and the UHF channels of 14 thru 69. NBC is a VHF high channel. . Swing the HD7698P antenna around to Madison does not make HD7698P antenna any less of a antenna , it is being used as a test. . If , as in , if the Madison UHF stations are received it will likely require a dedicated 91XG or Winegard HD9095 uhf antenna. or even two 91XG's with a preamp or two HD9095's with a preamp.

Electron 21-Dec-2011 5:45 AM

Tv Reception with Tv antennas
If a rotor is to be used , a HD7084P all channel antenna can replace the HD7698P and YA6260.

Dave Loudin 21-Dec-2011 12:16 PM

John, I was agreeing with you. The point is trying for Madison up front is a risky bet.

DaveBB 22-Dec-2011 3:06 AM

WOW!! so much to consider. Looking at all the different options I'm still a little confused. Glad you guys are out here to help me along. I don't have a lot of money to invest right now so I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck. What do you guys think of the Channel Master CM3671 antenna. It seems to have a long range to it as in miles. But not sure how much gain it has on VHF or UHF. Or if I should even consider it.


GroundUrMast 22-Dec-2011 5:28 AM

For some reason, Channel Master has chosen to make finding the performance specifications for their antenna products more difficult than other vendors. Here is a link to their catalog which seems to bury the gain specs on page 19. The CM3671 is a solid VHF antenna based on these numbers. As a UHF antenna, it falls short of the performance of the HD7698P and XG91 by a significant amount.

No static at all 22-Dec-2011 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by DaveBB (Post 14719)
. . . It seems to have a long range to it as in miles. . . .

Yes & a lot of new cars promise 40 MPG as well. Unfortunately most of them won't deliver those numbers under real world conditions.:(

Stick with one of the antennas recommended by the fine folks here & you will be a happy camper in OTA heaven.

DaveBB 23-Dec-2011 1:28 AM

So it seems I should invest in the HD7698P. Does everyone agree this would be my best bet? It appears to me that I'm basically going to have to be satisfied with getting the stations out of the Cedar Rapids area. HEY, Better than nothing at all. These stations are all around 79 miles from me. So what I was wondering about the HD7698P is that it says its range is VHF 70 miles and UHF 60 miles. Will it receive these stations reliably or is it just a have to wait and see sort of thing.

Thanks everyone.

Electron 23-Dec-2011 3:32 AM

Tv Reception with Tv antennas
My original recommendation of a HD7698P antenna and a YA6260 antenna is to make it easy to receive the stations in those directions , two antennas , two preamplifiers , and a remote control AB antenna switch makes it easy , no waiting for the antenna to rotate around on the rotor.

If you choose to use a antenna rotor. A HD7084P all channel antenna can be used with the rotor.

I know you say you are not interested in channel 4 , however I predict you will be.

The HD7084P antenna can also be aimed at the Madison tv stations as a test of reception. With all the choices presented with the others and Electron.

What would I do , I would install a HD7698P antenna and AP8275 preamp and a YA6260 antenna and AP3700 preamp. I would rotate the HD7698P antenna and preamp , by hand , around to get a idea of the Madison reception. If , some or all of the Madison stations are received with the HD7698P antenna and preamp , then the rotor could be used to receive the Cedar Rapids and Madison.

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