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rvf263 30-Dec-2015 8:35 AM

Trying to cut the cord
I'm looking to cut the cord soon and need a little help.

I have an existing self standing tower with an older style rotor antenna with the old style wiring.

Should I use the existing antenna or should I just replace with a new one.

If needed, which new antenna/rotor/preamp would you suggest for my area?

I'd like to get as many different channels as possible.

Here is my tvfool report:

Thanks for any help

Here's a pic of the existing antenna:

Tim 30-Dec-2015 7:00 PM


Originally Posted by rvf263 (Post 54064)
I have an existing self standing tower with an older style rotor antenna with the old style wiring.

What do you mean by "old style wiring"? Is there twin-lead running to the antenna or coax cable?

You have a good signal report. My first suggestion would be to hook up the existing antenna to a TV set and try it out.

It looks like you can get all of the major networks from either north (Detroit?) or south (Toledo?) at your location. Which direction has the clearest view with no trees or buildings in the way?

Rotators are a real pain in the ***. A preamp may not be needed. Try that existing antenna first.

rvf263 30-Dec-2015 8:07 PM

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the reply.

It's the twin lead type. I'm assuming it needs to be converted to coaxial?

Not sure if that antenna has a front or back but it's pointing pretty close to north (Detroit) and south (Toledo) and that appears to be the clearest path.

I have a guy coming over next week to check it out, it would be nice if I can use the existing antenna.

I'll post back with the results.

Tim 30-Dec-2015 9:21 PM

I'm not sure what brand or model your antenna is (I am sure some others on here will recognize it) but it appears to be a high gain antenna for VHF-Lo, VHF-Hi and UHF. If the antenna is in decent shape you would just need to add a balun where the existing twin lead connects to the antenna, plug your coax into the balun, connect a TV and try it out. You might need to wire brush the connecting screws on the antenna if they are rusty before you connect the balun.

The end of the antenna with the small elements (to the left side of your picture) is the part you point at the TV stations you want to receive. Point it at about 202 degrees magnetic for the Toledo stations or 12 degrees magnetic for the Detroit stations.

After you verify if you get get reception with one coax cable to one TV set, then you can tell us more about your system such as connecting to multiple TV sets.

rvf263 31-Dec-2015 9:45 AM

Thanks Tim,

I'll give it a shot and see what happens.
I have the balun, just need to get some good coaxial.

I'll report back soon.

rvf263 14-Jan-2016 3:09 AM

Just reporting back. I hooked up the balun and ran the coax to the tv.

Receiving 40+ channels crystal clear HD viewing!

Getting channels from Detroit area, Toledo area, and Windsor, Ontario Canada area.

Thanks for all the help, I'm almost cable free!

Tim 14-Jan-2016 4:34 PM

Glad to hear of your success! I have been cable free for over a year and don't miss it at all. Between OTA and some streaming, there is more than enough for me to watch.

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