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Creek 28-Nov-2011 9:34 PM

Antenna advice
I want of get VHF and UHF stations from Washington dc

I will have only one tv
I have some big trees to north of house
What do you suggest and why?


GroundUrMast 28-Nov-2011 11:38 PM

The large trees will attenuate quite a bit of signal, especially when they have leafs on. Is it practical for you to consider installing a tower that would put the antenna(s) above the tops of the trees? The following suggestion presumes that the tree attenuation is not significant or that it can be avoided.

I would choose a highly directional deep fringe UHF antenna such as the Antennas Direct XG-91 or the Winegard HD9032, a deep fringe high-VHF such as the Winegard YA01713 and an Antennacraft 10G221 preamp.

The antennas are the highest gain consumer grade antennas available. Reliable reception depends on gathering as much signal from the air as you can. Also, those antennas are quite directional, which will help reduce the amount of signal received from several stations on the same channel in other cities (Richmond & Salisbury). That will help you avoid co-channel and adjacent channel interference problems.

The suggested preamp serves as an antenna combiner and provides the gain needed to 'push' the signal down the coax to arrive at the tuner with enough power to be usable.

Creek 29-Nov-2011 3:00 PM

So is it better to have two antennas rather then one if you are in fringe area? I see some combos from weingard and channel master. Do combos not work as well for either spectrum?

GroundUrMast 29-Nov-2011 6:55 PM

A large combo such as the Winegard HD7698P is an option. The gain specifications are close to that of the separate UHF and high-VHF antennas.

I'm not able to tell how much trouble you'll have due to trees. My 'gut' tells me you'll need to find a way over or around them.

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