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JMThomas 18-Sep-2013 5:22 AM

Mohu Leaf in South Indianapolis, result report
I live in zip code 46217. A straight line connects the Indianapolis towers (15 miles N), my house, and the Trafalgar towers (20 miles S). Here is the TV Fool link.

I've mounted my Leaf in the attic of a stick built home with asphalt shingle roof. It's hanging with the coax connector straight down, and the black face pointing North. In other words, it hangs like a landscape on the wall, with the longer axis running east-west, and the shorter axis going up-down.

The antenna directly feeds a RCA VH140 power amp/4-way splitter, all unused drops terminated. All runs are 15-20 feet. 3 are new RG-6u with compression connectors. The last run is old Winegard RG6 crimp connectors, which performs as well as the new runs to the limits of my signal measurement (HDHomerun) software.

(I use HDHR / Windows 7 Media Center for recording and live viewing, and I also do live viewing on the Panasonic TV. MCE compression can make drop-outs more visible, but otherwise the Panasonic and the HDHR perform the same.)

This is the best I can do, even after moving the antenna to several different spots in the attic, and rotating the face between +60 and -60 degrees. Figures in parens are (Noise Margin dB, Power dBm, Effective Radiated Power, kW) from TVFool, as are the station contour maps. Note that the NM is no predictor of success.

Consistently Excellent Quality

WTHR RF 13 (58, -33, 42) -- High VHF

WISH RF 9 (58, -32, 23) -- High VHF

WRTV RF 25 (65, -26, 1000)

Occasional Dropouts

WTIU RF 14 (27 -64, 1000) comes in quite well, and it's 155 degrees "off the beam". Contour is blue-violet. Kudos!

WFYI RF 21 (59, -31.8, 225). WFYI probably should apply for more ERP.

WXIN RF45 (64, -27, 1000)

Irritating Dropouts

WTTK RF 29 (62, -28, 550) Occasionally this can degenerate to totally unwatchable. Contour map is nice and yellow, though there are green splotches 1.5 miles away.

WTTV RF 48 (61, -29, 990) is a simulcast of RF 29, and somewhat worse than RF 29. Contour map is nice and yellow, though there are green splotches (a little closer) 1 miles away.

Too Many Dropouts

WIPX RF 27 (NM 51, -39, 165). Contour is solid green. WPIX should definitely ask for more ERP.

JMThomas 18-Sep-2013 5:30 AM

My next project is to build some sort of double bow-tie or fractal without a reflector to see if I can get more gain in the front/rear lobes at the expense of the sides.

I assume that the good "omni" pattern in the Mohu doesn't provide as much improvement in signals from the front/rear as a more directional antenna.

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