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dunrobinsteve 27-Aug-2013 2:25 PM

CIII-D (Global Ottawa, ON) Update
CIII-D (Global TV network) in the Ottawa area has recently moved from physical channel 6 to physical channel 14 (it remains on virtual channel 6.1).

It also appears that they have boosted the power output of the station.

GroundUrMast 27-Aug-2013 4:18 PM

It would be interesting to know that they did or did not change power levels. The move from the noisy L-VHF band may account for the improved reception.

dunrobinsteve 27-Aug-2013 4:41 PM

Agreed, just moving from L-VHF to UHF likely helped a lot, especially since most HDTV antennas are optimized for UHF. Whether or not they boosted the power level, the anecdotal evidence is that things are much better on channel 14. Friends in downtown Ottawa, Nepean, and Barrhaven all have commented that Global was either iffy or no-signal on L-VHF, but since the move, the signal-strength and quality is now comparable to or better than the other stations on the Camp Fortune Tower. I am seeing the same in the Dunrobin area (I could always get Global, but signal strength and quality was weak before the move).

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