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Couchpotato 24-Sep-2011 2:16 PM

CITS-DT Digital Channel Change
According to the CITS (CTS) web site they have stopped broadcasting their digital signal on Real 35 (virt 36.1) and are now using their former analogue channel 36 for the digital transmission.

TV Fool's data base is still showing the pre-transition information for the analogue 36 and interim digital 35 transmissions

This applies to the Hamilton/Toronto viewing area as shown on this link.

hoconnor 21-Feb-2012 11:41 PM

TV Fool Needs Updating
Also the power level has changed. It should now be listed as 20KW. I guess the database people don't really get around to updating (or reviewing) the information.

GroundUrMast 22-Feb-2012 1:16 AM

TV Fool depends on the information provided by Industry Canada and the Federal Communications Commission.

IC has been very slow to update their database during the Canadian DTV transition.

Your 'real world' reports are appreciated.

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