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Tractorman100 12-Jul-2019 8:58 PM

Newbie in Northeastern Maryland with a couple ???s
Hello all. I'm looking for a little help. For starters, here is my report:

That does not tell the whole story. I am in a shallow valley with alot of trees.
Last week, picked up a Clearstream 4V. Mounted it quickly on my picnic table on my deck. Picked up 14 channels, all Baltimore (southwest direction) based which is great. Got

Would like to get WBAL which transmits from the same tower as WJZ.

Moved the antenna to the front yard. About 10' higher elevation.
Received in WBAL great AND WGAL which is almost 100 degrees away from my direction, 220 degrees. And got nothing else. Also running this thru 100' of RG6. On the deck is was 10' of RG59

Put the clearstream up 20' ?
Try another antenna?
Count my blessings in a valley with trees?


JoeAZ 13-Jul-2019 5:42 PM

Need lots more info from you:

How close are those trees?
How tall are the trees?
Are there directions where the trees are lower and/or
further away? What is your budget?
What are your expectations?
Those are just for openers......

Tractorman100 13-Jul-2019 8:44 PM

How close are those trees? 50' away
How tall are the trees?75-90'
Are there directions where the trees are lower Not really, a couple gaps I can shoot thru. We did have direct TV at one time which worked preetty good
What is your budget? Reasonable $500 ?
What are your expectations? I would like 4 channels, WJZ, WBAL, WMAR, WBFF
Those are just for openers......

JoeAZ 13-Jul-2019 11:33 PM

In your situation, it is likely that higher is better than a more powerful
antenna. You will want to use RG6 cable and keep it under 50 feet, if
at all possible. Since you have multiple hi VHF signals, you'll want an
antenna capable of receiving those signals. I do note you have some
low VHF signals but with the exception of WVPI 6 from Philly, the rest
are low power and without much good content. I'd suggest the
Winegard 7694P antenna. A 10' or more roof mounted mast is your
best option. You should walk around the roof, antenna mast in hand
having some one at the tv telling you what you are receiving. It is
entirely possible you might get better reception from Harrisburg/Lebanon
/York than Baltimore. Try both. Worry about multiple sets later, once
you're getting the best possible reception on one tv.

jrgagne99 15-Jul-2019 2:26 PM

I would give your Clearstream 4V a try on the roof before trying a different antenna such as the 7694P. The two VHF-hi stations you care about (WJZ-13 and WBAL-12) look to be very strong and a bit more elevation and some luck could yield reliable reception, even with the 4V's simple dipole. As JoeAZ said, you may have to hunt around on the roof to find that sweet spot.

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