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Electron 2-Mar-2012 12:42 AM

Information and Articles selected by Electron.
CES: Consumer Electronics Show.

Electron 2-Mar-2012 1:07 AM

Setting Standards for Next-Gen Digital Broadcasting

Electron 3-Mar-2012 7:01 AM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
Navigating the Unlimited World of Net TV.

Electron 3-Mar-2012 4:32 PM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
Where has all the old gear gone? (Hint it's not in landfills) . Support Your Broadcast Museum , . . Keeping Early Television's Legacy Alive , Radio and Tv Museums.

Electron 3-Mar-2012 4:54 PM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
A Decade Later , the Loss Still Deep.

Electron 3-Mar-2012 5:04 PM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
4G Interference.

Electron 3-Mar-2012 5:11 PM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
Channel 51 Freeze.

Electron 8-Mar-2012 6:45 AM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
Looking Inside Mobile DTV Receivers , . . Here are some Mobile DTV Receivers you can buy now , other brands of mobile DTV receivers are available now and more are on the way , RCA DMT270R , RCA DMT3BR , RCA DMT335R , RCA DMT336R . Here is a article about a RCA Mobile DTV Receiver , . THis Web Site has a list of Tv stations that are transmitting Mobile Digital Tv Now.

Electron 9-Mar-2012 6:53 AM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
Build your own Tv Antenna. This information presented here is a starting point. If you have a desire or want or need to jabber endlessly about tv antenna projects , make your own thread. Here is a little known make your own tv antenna project. I have an original issue of Mother Earth News that I bought when the issue was new on the news stand. The picture of the construction of the antenna is much clearer in the magazine. I recommend use Ridged type plastic pipe for the construction of antenna and use Ridged type plastic pipe in place of the EMT metal pipe cross members recommend in the article. Reason: the lengths of metal cross member pipes will set up resonant frequencies with the reception wires of the antenna and disrupt reception. , You are free to take the Mother Earth web site addresses to your own thread or to the big wide world of the rest of the internet.

Electron 21-Mar-2012 5:06 AM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
The NAB Show: Shifting Focus,Crossing the Aisle.

Electron 22-Mar-2012 9:17 AM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
Growth Seen For Digital Abroad.

Electron 22-Apr-2012 6:46 AM

Tv Interference Improvement
This information focuses on the RF Radio Frequency Interference reason for Grounding. Here is a article and pictures that demonstrates RF interference and multipath shielding grounding. In the same way putting the antenna in a grounded shield improves reception. Grounding the outer shied of coax cable with a coax ground block diverts part or all of interfering , electric noise , RF noise , electronic noise , multipath , atmospheric static , that is 'picked up' by the shied and shield wires directs/diverts the interference to ground and this improves reception.

GroundUrMast 27-Apr-2012 2:46 AM

System safety is my primary reason for advocating grounding the coax shield and mast.

In the cited gatech article, it appears that the author has not completely shielded the antenna. Rather they simply produced a more directional antenna, which is an effective means to receive less interfering signal from the sides and rear while receiving as much or more desired signal from the front.

Operation of coax shielding is explained briefly in the following. Grounding adds little if any improvement in the inherent shield properties of properly connected coax.

To stop the antenna from receiving all interfering signals would require shielding it completely which would also prevent the antenna from receiving desired signals.

If the assertion is that, 'grounding the coax shield somehow reduces the antennas reception of interfering signals', I disagree.

Electron 27-Apr-2012 6:18 AM

Interfering signals
As usual you missed the point. From the very beginning when you started posting here at tvfool you are blinded by the safety issue , this is not about the safety issue , I made that clear and the article makes it clear. As usual you missed the point. For RF interference , grounding the coax foil shield and shield wires with a coax grounding block directs some or all of interfering signals to ground. That means less interference and multipath picked up by the Coax and transfered to the Tv. And that makes for better Tv reception. Grounding the coax has nothing to do with the antenna in and of it's selfs reception of interfering signals. And yes the the cage is open on one end to let the desired Tv signals in , it is the reason for doing it. And yes the cage and coax is grounded to direct interfering signals and multipath to ground , the cage is very close to the antenna , if the cage is not grounded then the cage will become a big antenna and radiate more of the desired signals and interference to the antenna inside the cage. This about RF shielding.

Electron 28-Apr-2012 6:10 AM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
When I was very young and my interest was long wave and short wave radio transmission and reception. By practical and useful and factual action and observation I found out that when the ground wire was connected to the receiver the interference is reduced and when the ground wire was not connected to the receiver the interference increased.

Electron 28-Apr-2012 6:40 AM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
Here is my translation of the following article. The international and local cell phone and wireless broadband companies and corporations and Julius Genachowski / FCC , have Hungry Eyes and Hungry Souls and Hungry Business Desires for the remaining UHF broadcast Tv Channels/Frequencies and will do any thing to get them , truth , lies , buy , steal , they will hurt anyone that gets in the way. it's sugar coated with phrases and high sounding words. However real truth is not nice. .Here is more information about the "voluntary" , wink , wink , wink , action that is being taken. . I know a retired Tv station engineer that has designed and is selling antennas that take at vantage of this "voluntary" , wink , wink , wink , action. . And here is more information , If you can read what is really there , it is not nice and stinks real bad.

Electron 28-Apr-2012 6:52 AM

Information and Articles selected by Electron
Attn: Americans did you know that you own the communications frequencies , Tv , Radio , ect. and that you have a right to benefit/profit from the sale of the communications frequencies. Do you have even one more penny in your pocket from the $ billions and billions , billions , of the sales. Or are you paying more and more for what you owned in the first place??

Electron 12-May-2012 9:03 AM

Information and articles selected by Electron.
PBS and MPEG-4.

Electron 12-May-2012 9:06 AM

Information and articles selected by Electron.
One Hunderd Years of 3D . .

Electron 12-May-2012 9:17 AM

Information and articles selected by Electron.
How Did They Get That Lighting Effect. .

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