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collinsroosa 2-Oct-2013 1:16 PM

Help in the Mountains of NC
Good Morning Folks,

I cut the cable cord some time ago and am fine with Netflix and other complimentary services, but the wife wants live tv. We recently moved to Black Mountain, NC and I'm wondering what I need to do to get a decent range of channels. We are about 13 miles east of Asheville and I'd like to get by with a decent set top antenna. Here is the link to the report:


Do you think there is any use at giving it a go with a set top antenna?

Thanks much for help!

ADTech 2-Oct-2013 1:44 PM

A set-top antenna (loop and rabbit ears, for example) should get your the local Black Mountain translators of several Asheville area stations.

Due to mountains, not much else is going to happen with an indoor antenna Even an extreme rooftop system would offer limited opportunity for improvement.

collinsroosa 2-Oct-2013 1:50 PM

So, best bet is probably just to pick up a set top? Any recommendations?

teleview 4-Oct-2013 7:46 PM

Looking at the Current Plus Pending Applications Included Digital tvfool radar map and channel list for reception of the Digital Broadcast Tv stations/channels in the Green and Yellow reception zone.

Install a Terk HDTVi antenna (not HDTVa) antenna in/at a , window or patio/balcony door window that faces the faces the ~ South West ~.

Glass and pelxi-glass has little resistance to Broadcast Tv Reception
Aim the HDTVi antenna at about ~247~ degree magnetic compass direction.

Here is how to aim indoor and outdoor antennas ,

Use a Real and Actual magnetic compass to aim antenna.

If a long run of coax running through the building is required to connect the HDTVi antenna in/at the , window , patio/balcony door window , to the Tv , Then So Be It.


If the reception of the Digital Broadcast Tv stations/channels in the Green/Yellow reception zones is/are not reliable , then install a Winegard , LNA-100 'Boost' amplifier.

The Tv Must Channel Scan for the , OTA=Over The Air , Digital Broadcast Tv stations/channels , often named the 'Air Channels' ~ 'Antenna Channels' in the Tv Setup Menu because the Tv transmissions travel through the Air from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna.

Some digital tv's will Automatic channel scan for cable tv channels.

DO NOT channel scan for cable tv channels.

Go into the Digital Tv Setup Menu and select 'Air Channels' ~ 'Antenna Channels'.

Scan for channels.


Here are some places to buy antennas and etc. .


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