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re_nelson 2-Dec-2010 3:43 AM

Dallas-Ft. Worth corrections
Let me try again for the Dallas-Ft. Worth market. This time I'll do in a less verbose form and wrap it in a code block. There's a lot happening here and the pending three-way station shuffle with KTVT, KTXA and KPFW makes this a bit more complex.

Corrections to db_datecode: 201010310207


These analogs are off:

Corrections for missing or wrong virtual channels in the data:
KTVT/19 (11.1)
KXAS/41 (5.1)
KERA/14 (13.1)
KLDT/39 (55.1)
KPFW/18 (18.1)
K31GL/31 (31.1)
KVFW/38 (38.1)
KJJM/34 (34.1)
KODF/27 (26.1)
KHFD/51 (51.1)

Facilities corrections:
KLDT/39 (55.1) is on with the 1,000 kW plant not the 126 kW facility
KFWD/9 (52.1) is on with 13 kW, the 55 kW CP is unlikely to ever be built
KTVT/11 (11.1) continues to simulcast RF-19 using 23 kW (similar to the WLS scenario)

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