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Adolfojm 7-Feb-2017 2:53 AM

RCA Antenna reception logistics
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Hi: newbie but oldie --- who remembers sysops and 300 modems. Anyway seeking to cut satellite out (directv). I purchased an RCA antenna and find that I can pick up the locals with poor reception. The spouse is very visual and would be cool with me cabling it to the roof ( small single story home). Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has gone down this road. Greetings.


Planned install: roof 12ft

tvfool report: see attached file

Thanks to Rabbit


looks to me like virtually all your channels are UHF and you need two directions

so looks like you should do well with a bi- directional UHF antenna

so I would use two 4 bay bowtie antennas

one pointed toward the northern stations and one toward the southern ones

ADTech 7-Feb-2017 11:15 AM

The simplest way to achieve a bi-directional UHF antenna is to start with any panel antenna that has a reflector and just remove the reflector. Our C2, for example, makes this one step easier, simply don't install the reflector. Antennas like our DB2e or DB4e, for example, requires the drilling out of several rivets to remove the reflector screens.

Your antenna must be installed in a location that gives it a good view in both desired directions.

Do not use anything with an amplifier, you have strong signals that can cause an overload in an amplified system.

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