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newmguy 19-Apr-2018 2:38 PM

WIVB Buffalo Zero signal
Hi guys,

for the past week i am getting zero signal on WIVB (CBS) Buffalo.
I have always received this channel with excellent signal 99% of the time.

I still receive all of the other US Networks including WGRZ (NBC) from Buffalo so it's not my equipment.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? I am just slightly North of Toronto.

i went to the WIVB website, it seems they are using real channel 32 instead of channel 39.
A rescan on channel 32 brought back my channels.

JoeAZ 19-Apr-2018 11:23 PM

WIVB is now channel sharing with Buffalo's CW station, WNLO.
They are to turn in their F.C.C. license. Some of the other
Buffalo stations will soon be doing the same. It is called
Spectrum Repack. All stations operating on Rf 38 and higher
will be required to move lower and some stations will move
to avoid signal conflict. Many of the Buffalo stations will soon
be unavailable in Canada. When CTRC begins Repack there,
many of the U.S. and Canadian stations will be adjacent to
each other causing weak signals to be unreceivable. Perhaps
this will force Canadian Broadcasters to improve their choice
and quality of programming. Many third world countries I've
visited have better television.

newmguy 20-Apr-2018 2:20 PM

hi thanks, i figured it out.

There will always be American programming in Canada, the more they try to stop it, people just won't watch, so they lose.

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