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Geezer64 22-Mar-2018 5:39 PM

VHF High 13

I have just recently installed a ClearStream 4Max at 30ft. above ground in an area surrounded by trees. Most of my projected channels have good to strong signal levels with the exception of WVEC 13 High Band VHF. Very seldom can I get enough signal out of this one with this antenna.

Any recommendations on how to improve the VHF High Band without having to purchase another antenna?


rabbit73 23-Mar-2018 6:28 PM

Hello, Geezer64; welcome back. I see you have been here before; your previous threads for reference:
Advice in Eastern NC 5-Aug-2014

To switch or not to switch 4-Sep-2014

Thank you for the TVFool report. It's only resolved to block level, but it might be close enough.

I see that you have a different antenna now. The dipole for the CS4MAX doesn't have as much gain for VHF-High as your previous antenna had. But, since you had trouble with WVEC 13 before, maybe something else is wrong.

Are you using a preamp now?

You have some strong local FM transmitters that might cause interference to the reception of WVEC.

An FM filter might help. I see that the Antennas Direct FM filter is no longer in stock:

Since Antennas Direct was the last regular supplier of FM filters, I don't understand why they discontinued it.

If they brought it back in stock, they could charge 2 or 3 times as much to make a good profit. Making it available would encourage people to buy their other products.

If you can't find an FM filter from other sources like eBay or Amazon, then a HLSJ can be used as an FM filter.

If that doesn't work. you might have to add a dedicated VHF-High antenna to your CS4MAX and combine them with a UVSJ UHF/VHF combiner.

ZippyTheChicken 30-Apr-2018 2:21 PM

I am guessing you have your antenna pointed north which may drop that high signal station to the south enough that you can use a weak amplifier like a RCA 20db amp

you didn't say if you get channel 7 if you do and don't get 13 that is a problem

your signal is theoretically good but there is something that you should check out

go to and find your stations.. then find that channel 13 .. use the dropdown to see your technical data.. and if they show a map they may show the direction that channel 13 is broadcasting...

if they show that the broadcast tower is pointed away from your direction but they are stating that the tower puts out enough power to reach you then this may be a problem

also vhf kinda sucks

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