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be236 26-Sep-2011 7:18 AM

Reverse coverage Tvfool map?

I have suggestion for new feature.

Instead of giving a map and signal colours for the channels in your particular location.. how about you provide a channel (station) and NM level, and the map shows you the circled-dot area where that channel at that signal level (or better NM level) on the map that you're viewing? Sorta like reverse 411, etc.


That way, if you're in the market to "move," you can know where to move to a location with your favourite station available? :)

mtownsend 26-Sep-2011 3:28 PM

Thanks for the suggestion!

If I'm reading this correctly, isn't this something you can accomplish with the existing color-coded maps? The station overlays are already colored according to the NM. That is, every location that is covered by the same "orange" color will get approximately the same NM signal, every place that's "yellow" will get about the same signal, same goes for "green", "cyan", "blue", "purple", etc.

If you want to find a new location that has a signal strength that is at least as good as your current location, then you just need to find a place that is equal or higher on the signal strength color scale.

It might help to keep in mind that the color scale follows the order of colors in the rainbow ("roygbiv") where red is strongest and violet is the weakest.

If you were thinking of something else, then by all means, please elaborate or talk through an example.

be236 26-Sep-2011 4:37 PM

The Colour overlays aren't that accurate, compared to the "pinpoint" map where you click and position the pushpin on a specific location and it gives you all the channels and their levels on that specific location.

Maybe I'm looking for a combo "coverage map" and "pinpoint" map that is more precise?

Ok, let me give you a specific example of what I'm trying to do:

I zoom into a map of a neighbourhood (so pretty low-level, detailed map) where I can see every street name and intersection.

I would like to then enter in a station / channel number and a NM-dB number. I would like to see a splash of colour (or some indicator) of the locations in this neighbourhood that meets my criteria.

I think the coverage map gives me a high level display and when I zoom down to the lowest level, I dont get the colours to show up any more.

Also, the current map shows grades of signal strength from weak to strong... what I want to see is colours for a specific level... so I want to see an area with just GREEN signal (say 20 db NM) or just weak signals (red), say 5dB NM) or very weak (say -8 db NM), etc...

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