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hsparks56 10-Jan-2016 1:35 PM

Two db8e's
I have one db8e now and would like to know if its possible to have 2-db8e's on the same mast and if so how would I connect them together?

ADTech 10-Jan-2016 5:48 PM

Sure, it's possible to connect them, but we don't know what you're seeking to accomplish so doing that may or may not give you what you wanted.

rabbit73 10-Jan-2016 6:00 PM

What are you trying to do? Will they be aimed in the same direction, or in different directions?

I thought your DB8e was doing OK.

Your previous thread:
NH Antenna Recommendations

Your previous tvfool report:

Did you get your VHF-High antenna working?

It would have been easier for us to help you if you had kept it all on one thread.

hsparks56 11-Jan-2016 12:16 PM

2 db8e's
My existing db8e is working fine. I have such a span between channels, I that I get I though it would be easier to have 2 then have a rotor? Will having 2 degrade my other db8e? Thanks appreciate the help.

rickbb 11-Jan-2016 1:14 PM

Links to everything you didn't really want to know about combining/ganging antennas.

rabbit73 11-Jan-2016 3:34 PM

The easy part is putting two on the mast; the hard part is combining them.

When the signals from the same channel from each antenna arrive at the combining point, they will interfere with each other if they are not in phase.

The best way is to have a separate coax line from each and an A/B switch to select which antenna you want. Your TV will need to be able to add a channel after scan or you will need to rescan after each antenna change.

There are other ways of doing it, but you haven't given us enough information to consider other ways.

hsparks56 12-Jan-2016 3:19 PM

Thanks Rabbit73, here is my radar plot:

As you can see my channel are spread out, any suggestions? What other info do you need?

rabbit73 13-Jan-2016 12:43 AM


As you can see my channel are spread out, any suggestions? What other info do you need?
I already did an analysis for you.

and your tvfool report still looks as bad now as it did then. You have a lot of weak channels in many directions.

What you need is something like this:

If you insist on sticking with two DB8es, this is about all you can expect:

DB8e No. 1 aimed at 278 degrees magnetic
WCDC ABC, real channel 36

DB8e No. 2 aimed at 347 degrees magnetic
WVTA PBS, real channel 24
WNNE NBC, real channel 25

If DB8e No.1 doesn't get you ABC, you will need a VHF-High yagi for WMUR on real channel 9

If you want CBS you will need a VHF-Low antenna for WRGB on real channel 6 or a 3rd UHF antenna for WBZ.

Each antenna should have its own preamp and the combining should be done down below after the power inserters.

Antenna No. 1 should be connected to the antenna input of the TV, and antenna No. 2 should be connected to a separate tuner and its output connected to the aux input of the TV.

No, you can't combine the two antennas with a splitter in reverse. Well, you can, but you probably will not like the results.

hsparks56 15-Jan-2016 3:54 PM

Thanks Rabbit73, I guess I deserved that picture lol. I am receiving more then I hope for with my 1 db8e antenna; i get channels 4.1 & 4.2 CBS all the time, and 31.1 NBC plus 4 PBS stations and others channels sometimes. I have the VHF antenna you suggested for channel 9 ABC, but need to tune it in more after winter is over, just looking for other options other then installing a rotor. Appreciate the help! Thank you.

rabbit73 15-Jan-2016 5:32 PM

Thanks for the report. I'm glad you haven't lost your sense of humor.

The marketing departments raise your hopes to unrealistic heights and we have the difficult job of guiding you to realistic expectations.

Enjoy your new setup.

Best regards,

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