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rodjoe2011 7-Jun-2012 7:49 PM

TV License

Does anyone have to pay TV license fees anywhere outside the UK or is this the only place in the world? It does not seem fair at all.

mtownsend 8-Jun-2012 4:13 PM

Depends on what you mean by fair.

It costs a lot of money to produce shows and run a broadcast network. If some of that cost is offset by licensing fees, there's a certain amount of logic to the idea.

rodjoe2011 8-Jun-2012 6:30 PM

Well, it's understood it costs a lot of money to produce shows but, we also have to put up with MASSIVE advertisers, which I would have thought is whom sponsors the expensive shows in the first place, wouldn't you say?
Many folks don't agree with the fees and I kinda see their point, specially the ones who don't have a tele.

mtownsend 9-Jun-2012 2:25 AM

My understanding is that if you don't have a television, you don't pay the fees. Only the people who are watching television have to pay.

I'm also not sure if they see the same amount of advertising as we get here in the US.

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