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chetumia 6-Feb-2012 3:46 PM

female need advice on antennas please
I have an indoor antenna (with rabbit ears) while I am able to decide on what to buy an outdoor antenna and install it by myself.I had dish service so the cable is already there and planning to use it for my outdoor antenna.
Which I am hoping is that, with the new indoor or outdoor antenna, I wont lost reception due to wind or rain and to receive more channels.
This is the result for the tv signal analysis.

Please advise what antenna to buy (the easiest option!) keep in mind that I will install it by myself and that if an outdoor antenna is needed, the mount is about 2 to 3 fee from ground, on the side of the house (1 story) (also, that I am a woman LOL, this seems to be a guy thing!)

Thank you!

chetumia 6-Feb-2012 4:01 PM

What antenna to buy? need help!!
This my tvfool report

I need help on what antenna to buy, if outdoor or indoor. Currently I am using an indoor very simple rabbit ear phillips flat antenna but if wind or rain I loose reception.
I used to have a satellite dish and if an outdoor antenna needed, I plan to use the mount and the cable that it is already installed. The mount is on the side of the house and it is about 2 feet above ground.
Please advise. Keep in mind that I am a woman (this seems to be a guy thing LOL) and that I am installing it myself.

Thank you!

rickcain 6-Feb-2012 5:30 PM

You are reasonably close to most of the transmitters, but as you have found out rabbit ears is not quite enough even when they're only a couple of miles away.
most of them are pointing about 10 degrees from true north so aiming is pretty easy.
You shouldn't need a large antenna. The antenna must be installed in a higher location preferably on the roof, because 2 feet off the ground will give you erratic reception.

One other option is mounting it in the attic instead. It may or may not work well depending on your roof type and whether you have radiant barrier (aluminum foil or foil backed decking).

Good antennas: Antennacraft HBU-22, AntennasDirect Clearstream C2

Bad antennas: Anything sold on ebay with the Lava brand! Don't fall for outrageous claims of 120 mile range and motorized rotors, they're junk plastic antennas from china.

Electron 6-Feb-2012 5:53 PM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
The group of tv stations is to the north east . The satellite tv mount is most likely on the south side of the house and is to low to the ground. If the house is constructed of wood framing with wood or vinyl siding and standard composition shingles and no metal backed insulation , then use a Channel Master CM4010 or TERK HDTVi indoor antenna aimed at about 15 degree magnetic compass , here is how to aim indoor antennas , . If the building is , concrete , concrete blocks , cinder blocks , bricks , metal framing , metal siding , stucko Wire , metal roof , solar panels , metal backed insulation , has trees on the north/north east side of the house , then the tv transmissions will be reduced or blocked. I recommend install a ANT751 antenna above the roof aimed at about 15 degree magnetic compass. Here is how to aim outdor roof top antennas , As an example , here are antenna mounts that do not make holes in the roof , , . HomeDepot may have the ANT751 antenna. Here are places to buy antennas and etc. , , , . Tv signals do not know if you are male or female. I am male,I can Cook,Clean and Sew , repair the vehicles , electrical work , communications wiring , wood work , yard work , gardening , painting , and etc. .

Electron 6-Feb-2012 6:42 PM

Tv antennas and Tv reception
There are tv channels in both the VHF high band of 7 thru 13 and UHF 14 thru 69. The C2 is a UHF antenna , do not use the C2. She is not using a rabbit ears , she is using a flat panel antenna. It would be correct to say foil backed insulation. Decking is a term that refers to outside porch/pool/entertainment structure or a boat decking and etc. , not the inside of a attic.

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