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CptDreadRoberts 12-Sep-2014 12:06 AM

available channels
maybe i am mis understanding this. the sellers of the antenna say "get hundreds of channels".
well i searched on my address at TVFool (thank you for a wonderful search), and found only one station near me in Binghamton NY with a yellow. found three reds 50 miles away, and then about 40 greys 100-150 miles away. (some were closer, but had A and C.)

am i understanding that i actually have only one channel, CBS near me with clear reception? or does CBS somehow offer multiple channels on it's broadcast?

if i get only one channel, why would i get an antenna and drop cable? i would move closer to the channels available, but the Azmiths are mostly different.


ADTech 12-Sep-2014 11:34 AM

You've probably been confused by a marketer who deliberately claims hundreds of "shows" or "programs" for free with their antenna, not channels. Probably either ClearTV or Clear Cast. I'd stay away from the first as their profit center is in the shipping and handling fees for every item plus making it difficult to return items for a refund (S&H are not refundable).

TV reception is based on YOUR location and what local TV stations are reasonably available with an appropriate antenna. Some major areas such as LA or NYC may get upwards of 100 total channels. Small markets may only get up to a dozen or two. Some areas may get none due to distance or terrain.

Please go to the "Help with Reception" section of the forum, read the two threads that are labeled with "Sticky", follow those directions in a NEW thread in THAT section, and we will be able to advise you on what may be possible in your specific location.

If you are in Binghamton, NY, there are four full-power stations available with a total of 9 channels currently on the air. They are the LOCAL affiliates of the four national networks plus PBS plus two minor networks.

CptDreadRoberts 13-Sep-2014 4:40 PM

thank you
thank you, that was helpful
i double checked. i did find the four within 10 miles, they all seem to be clustered together. what threw me was only one is listed yellow. one is red, the other two are grey.
nine channels. kinda tough to dump cable for that.

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