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Regnow 9-Mar-2011 1:18 AM

2 Analog TV switching from basic cable
Only need indoor antenna.

Searched and found these recommendations:

-Philips SDV5119/27

What would you recommend and why?

One of the TV is over 20 years old. Compatible issue?

Does some antenna come packaged with converter box?


GroundUrMast 9-Mar-2011 4:47 AM

The Terk will be slightly more directional and offer a few dB of gain on the UHF band (real channels 14 and up). This is due to the log periodic elements used.

On VHF, (real channels 2 through 13) the adjustable length dipole rods can be expected to perform equally on both products.

I would mildly favor the Terk for it's added directivity... but that may require you to turn it to point at the desired station when changing channels.

I have not seen antennas provided with STB's (set-top-box).

No compatibility issues, even back to a B&W vacuum tube set. (If your sets have been connected to cable service, they can be connected to a STB.)

John Candle 9-Mar-2011 8:00 PM

Digital to Analog Converters

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