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NCTriangle 31-Jul-2011 6:43 PM

NC antenna help much appreciated


I've been following the TV Fool boards for a while, and would like to draw on the community's wisdom in help choosing an antenna.

Additional info that may be useful:

* Completely new to antenna TV; no equipment, mounts, reception info, etc.

* 1 TV in house

* Only interested in ABC/CBS/CW/Fox/NBC. PBS, which I see is in different direction, would be nice but not if getting it would add much (say $50+) to cost.

* 2-story house, surrounded by good number of tall pine trees. Spacious, 12' high cathedral attic. Chimney.

Any and all suggestions/tips/etc. welcome. Thank you!


John Candle 31-Jul-2011 9:56 PM

Tv Antennas and Reception
The default antenna height is 10 feet. If the antenna height is higher , say 25 feet - roof of 2 story house , I suspect that WUNC-TV 30 PBS will be received from the south east as the other Tv stations are. Please make 2 radar reports with the antenna at 25 feet and 35 feet.

NCTriangle 31-Jul-2011 10:05 PM

Reports for 25 and 35 feet

Thanks for the quick reply. Here are the reports:

25 feet:

35 feet:

If I could get away with putting the antenna in the attic, that would be great. But if the expert view is that this wouldn't make sense, I could be talked into a roof-top installation (which would definitely need to be professionally done, given the high/steep roof!).


GroundUrMast 31-Jul-2011 11:08 PM

I would expect an indoor install to come at the price of signal strength and quality, especially if you have to shoot through nearby trees as well. But barring metal roof or similar construction materials, you should be able to have enough signal available.

I would suggest erring on the side of caution, if you have room in your attic, use a bit more antenna than needed. A Winegard HD7694 or larger, pointed toward 140 per your compass. You may have trouble with WUNC-PBS because it's going to be arriving from more than 90 off the line to the rest of the stations.

If you have trouble with PBS you can add a rotator or a second antenna plus an A/B switch. Other options are possible but the $50 budget requirement rules them out.

John Candle 31-Jul-2011 11:42 PM

Tv Antennas and Reception
If this were my receiving situation I would give a Winegard MS2002 a try in the attic. The MS2002 might need to be turned for the best reception of the Tv stations at the directions of magnetic compass 140 and 251 PBS and then clamped in place. If the MS2002 does not receive all the high strength stations in Green at about 25 feet height in the attic then the MS2002 can be moved outside for better reception. I recommend a eave mount , Channel Master CM 9030 , , or chimney mount , , Channel Master CM9067 . Here are places to buy Tv antennas and etc. , , , ,

John Candle 31-Jul-2011 11:42 PM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Also can Use a Winegard HD7694P antenna in the attic or above the roof. Aim the antenna at about 169 degree magnetic compass. By aiming the antenna at at about 169 magnetic compass the antenna should receive the Tv stations at 140 magnetic compass and WUNC 25 PBS. If that does not do it then can mount the HD7694P on a Channel Master Cm 9521A rotor.

John Candle 1-Aug-2011 3:10 PM

Tv Antennas and Reception
The next way to do it is a HD7694P aimed at 140 degree magnetic compass and a Channel Master CM 4221HD aimed at 251 degree magnetic compass. Two separate coax will go from each antenna to the area of the Tv where a remote control A/B antenna switch such as , AB27RS or radio shack 15-1969 will be located to switch from one antenna to the other antenna.

John Candle 1-Aug-2011 3:18 PM

Tv Antennas and Reception
Also can try one of these non amplified indoor antennas , , line up the rods of the indoor antenna on a line of 100 degree magnetic compass and 280 degree magnetic compass.

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