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David-QnA 19-Mar-2011 4:40 AM

What antenna will work for me in Santa Clara, CA 95050?
Hi, I'm looking for advice on what antenna to get for my situation. I live in a townhome in Santa Clara, CA. I'm currently using DirecTV and am interested in getting free OTA signals.

My TVFool report is here:

I also went to, where it said I can use a small multidirectional antenna.

What I'm trying to figure out is 1) Do I need an outside antenna (which may be difficult for me to install since I'd need HOA approval) or will an inside one suffice? 2) What specific models do folks recommend? 3) Is there anybody out there from my area who can tell me what's working for them?



John Candle 19-Mar-2011 8:40 AM

TV Antennas and Reception
This Federal Law says Yes you can install and use outdoor roof top Tv antennas and other types of antennas. HOA's are well aware of this Federal Law that over rides them and every one else. This Federal Law has been in effect since 1996 thats 15 years. It is truly amazing how many people do not know about this Federal Law after 15 years and it is truly amazing how HOA's Scam people into believing they can not use a outdoor roof top tv antenna ,

John Candle 19-Mar-2011 9:01 AM

TV Antennas and Reception
How many Tv locations will be connected to the Tv antenna or antennas ?? Does the townhome have a ground floor and upper floor ?? Metal receives/absorbs , blocks , reflects Tv transmissions. Is the townhome wrapped with any metal such as but not limited to metal siding or stucko with stucko Wire ?? Does the townhome have a metal roof ?? Does the townhome have solar panels on the roof ?? Is there metal foil backed insulation in the townhome ?? Does the town home have poured concrete walls ?? Brick from ground to roof ?? Read and understand this about , Real Digital Tv Channels , Virtual Digital Tv Channels , Analog Tv Channels , . Read and understand this about indoor NON Amplified Tv antennas , One of these NON Amplified indoor Tv antennas at each Tv will receive most of the Tv transmitters to the , north , north east and north west. Here is how to aim Tv antennas ,

John Candle 19-Mar-2011 4:30 PM

TV Antennas and Reception
A simple NON Amplified outdoor Tv antenna such as a ANT751 pointed at about 340 magnetic compass will receive most of the the Tv transmitters to the , north east , north , north west. Or you can choose the group of transmitters to point the antenna at . Here are some free on line Tv guides , , ,

David-QnA 19-Mar-2011 6:40 PM

Thanks for the great info!
Wow, John. I really appreciate all of the great info. I plan to read through the links and material that you provided within the next few days. I'll post back here with the answers to your questions. I need to find a bunch of things out. I can tell you now that it's a one-story townhouse unit and I plan to send the OTA signal to 3 TVs. There are no solar panels on the roof. I need to find out about the metal questions -- I have no idea about that. Actually, we had some skylights put in a few years ago and all I saw in the ceiling was regular yellow insulation. I don't recall if it was metal backed (I don't think so though).

Again, thanks for your help. This appears to be a wonderful forum. At some point, I'll poke around more and find out who runs tvfool.


GroundUrMast 20-Mar-2011 4:14 AM

The ANT-751 will do quite well if mounted outside, with a reasonably clear view to the NW.

The questions regarding the construction materials will be relevant if you opt for an indoor antenna.

The building construction becomes far less an issue if you install outdoors. The strength and more importantly, the quality of the signals will almost certainly be better with an outdoor antenna.

TV Fool offers incredibly easy access to signal predictions with outstanding precision. What works for your neighbors may or may not work for you. The antennas most commonly suggested here, are well documented buy the manufactures. It's usually a fairly straightforward process based in the laws of electronics / physics that enable us to match an antenna to your unique signal conditions.

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