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stvcmty 11-Aug-2014 7:20 PM

Cheap HD radio
I found a way to easily put together a HD radio for home.

On ebay, there are at least two sellers selling Visteon HD Jump Radio’s for $22 to $24 with car kits, free shipping. On the listing page, the sellers say they do not have any home kits available. Fortunately it is very easy to use a car kit with an antenna at home. The car kit uses 1/8” jacks for antenna connections and includes adapters to standard car antenna connectors. An adapter for an F female to a 1/8” mono male is about $3 with shipping. By adding a 12V power supply, a HD radio tuner can be added to a home stereo.

HD radio does not seem to be going anywhere, but in some markets there are HD2 and HD3 stations that may be worth listening to. For me, when using a FM6 pointed at Baltimore, I get HD locks on the local Baltimore HD stations. There is nothing compelling enough to make me spend $50+ for a HD radio, but by putting one together for $25 makes the available content seem worth giving a chance.

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