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olimazi 16-Apr-2018 1:02 PM

UHF director element

One half of one pair of UHF director elements on my UHF/VHF combination ota rooftop antenna (Winegard HD7698p) broke off (large bird? wind?)

from this:
->- ->-
->- ->-

to this:
->- ->-

Should I try to connect the element or would it be better to remove the other half?
Doesn't seem to affect reception much the way it is now.
And of course Winegard doesn't sell parts.

jrgagne99 16-Apr-2018 1:44 PM

I would try to fix it if it were me. I've fixed broken elements before using just the right diameter threaded rod so that it is a snug, screw-in fit to the ID of the broken element. Use a 4-6 inch section of threaded rod and screw it half way into the remaining director stub and then screw the broken off piece onto threaded rod. The aluminum is soft enough for the threads to bite and hold--- it seemed to work fine for me. I used stainless steel for corrosion resistance. I think it is electrically conductive enough to not make a difference vs. the original continuous aluminum rod. Maybe some of that anti corrosion stuff you put on battery terminals would be a good idea too, I'm not sure.

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