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tripelo 2-Aug-2010 11:19 PM

WPXK-DT (ION) near Knoxville TN
WPXK-DT (real channel 23, virtual channel 54) is with ION network, city of license is Jellico TN, has larger market in Knoxville.

TV Fool lists this station as 1000 kW ERP, and transmitter site at Sharps Ridge. Also the coverage pattern seems to be that of a non-directional antenna.

Probably this is listed as such because WPXK has a construction permit for the above location and power level.

Today, a conversation with a WPXK engineer revealed that WPXK is still operating at the previously authorized location and power:

Current transmitter site: Cross Mountain
Power: 18 kW ERP
Antenna: Directional

The indications were that it would probably be some time (months or many months?) before operating at the newer location and power authorized in the CP.

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