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tomfoolery 16-Nov-2013 4:42 AM

WBGT-CD is now 46.1 plus subchannels
The analog signal was (and maybe still is) real 40, but the digital signal is real 46 with virtual 46.x including local channel MyN (46.1), THIS TV (46.2), TUFF TV (46.3), heartland (46.4), MyTV (46.5), and QVC (46.6).

The TVFool report shows the digital station transmitting on real 46 and virtual 40.1.

It looks like they moved from real 40 in May of 2013 to real 46 and changed the virtual ID to 46.1. The analog channel also still shows being on real 40, but their web site doesn't say anything about analog. doesn't list the analog signal, so maybe it ceased to exist.

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